Advanced Oxidation

Swimming Pools of the 21st Century

Crystal clear and safe water is, without a doubt, the primary objective for all swimming pool owners and operators. Swimming is one of the healthiest forms of exercise and an easy way to stay in shape. A properly designed and chlorinated swimming pool can not only keep the water free of harmful bacteria, but provide a safe environment for kids during hot summer months and especially at high bather and organic loading conditions.

At the same time, pool chemical exposures have sent thousands of swimming patrons and staff to the emergency room each year for treatment. High levels of chlorine coupled with a high bather load lead to a breeding ground for toxic chemical compounds known as disinfection byproducts (DBPs). DBPs give way to dangerous and potentially life-threatening situations, even when pool water looks safe. Furthermore, swimming pools should not be a burden on the natural or built environment. Discharging large quantities of water with a high chemical load should not be a frequent occurrence and should be minimized at all costs.

Pools of the 21st century must have the capacity to prevent these potential dangers of pool water chemistry quickly and effectively in order to truly create a healthy swimming experience for all. New advanced oxidation pool technologies help to minimize these health and environmental risks of a traditional chlorinated pool and are now commercially available.

About the Author

Nick Rancis, Chief Water Officer and co-Founder of Clear Comfort, is an accomplished microbiologist with more than a decade of experience in water technology, industrial microbiology, resource efficiency and technology transfer into the marketplace from universities and national labs. Rancis holds a BS in microbiology from Colorado State University and is the inventor and collaborator for seven issued patents. In addition, he has led resource recovery and microbial bioprospecting expeditions in extreme environments. A frequent speaker in the pool industry, university technology and startup accelerator spheres, Rancis is a leader in the water energy nexus and business strategy.

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