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July 2, 2020
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Because we could all use a bit of good news, read about how our industry is stepping up to help their communities. 

Pentair Ramps Up Production of Ventilator Part

To help during the Covid-19 crisis, Pentair has increased production of a key ventilator part. Read more in Pool & Spa News.

Reemay Parent Co. Increases Production of In-Demand Products that Help Fight Covid-19

The company produces face shields, non-woven fabric for PPE, and bottles for hand sanitizer and soap, among other things. Read more in Pool & Spa News.

Fluidra Joins Drive for Increased Medical Equipment

Fluidra is leveraging its injection molding capabilities to make parts for hospitals. Read more in Pool & Spa News.

Haviland Makes Hand Sanitizer for Local Organizations

The company retooled part of its factory to make the scarce but vital commodity and give it to groups in need. Read more in Pool & Spa News.

Jet Line Products Donates Inventory

Jet Line Products donated their inventory of swim goggles and swim masks to hospitals in their area. Read more from PHTA.

Retailers Keep Their Businesses and Employees Afloat

Stan Goodreau, owner, Colorado Custom SpasRead Now (L) and Dan Henry, owner, East Coast Spas (R) are working through new challenges. Read Stan's story and Dan's story, both via SpaRetailer.

Advice for Parents

Those on the PSP Expo team who are parents share their advice for working, homeschooling, and staying sane: 

  • Keep a schedule! Still wake up and go to bed at similar hours.
  • Then keep a daily routine.
  • Mix up activities so you're not doing the same thing for a long period of time
  • Facebook Messenger for Kids so kids can stay connected to their classmates.
  • Rewards like M&Ms

Fun activities: 

  • Baking - treats and bread. Or make your own pizza
  • Game nights - with board games
  • Reading
  • Crafts & painting
  • Weather permitting - outdoor time - walks, sidewalk chalk games, a duck pond, bikes, scooters
  • Car washing
  • Birthday parades for friends - decorate the car & make signs
  • Dress up with wigs, costumes
  • Gardening
  • Movie night in the driveway - project the movie on the garage door; other families can join from their own driveways

What to Watch: 

  • Educational content daily on PBS
  • - great content and is free for 30 days, ages 2-8
  • Disney Plus/GoNoodle

Self Care for Parents: 

  • Zoom meet ups and happy hours with Friends
  • Parents' Facebook Groups to let you know you're not alone

- From Shelby, Amy, Brandi, and Meggan on the PSP Expo team

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