Maintain Your License with These Approved Courses

The International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo has received approval to offer DBPR/CILB Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from the State of Florida.
Approval has been given to 16 courses within PSP Expo’s core conference program and two pre-conference programs offered by GENESIS.

PSP Expo core conference sessions approved for State of Florida DBPR/CILB CEUs are:   

  • Applied Hydraulics – Best Practices for Top Equipment & Circulation System Performance, Highest Water Clarity, Energy Efficiency, and Swimmer Safety     
  • Changing Laws, Codes and Standards affecting the pool and spa industry – How APSP is Protecting You & What the Changes Means to your Business
  • Swimming Pool Selling Secrets: Get inside the Minds of Today's Pool Buyers        
  • Three Hot Topics for Service Departments--How to Compensate Staff, Pricing Strategies, & Competing with the Internet
  • Scaling a Pool Care Company for Higher Profitability
  • Ruthless Sales Management for Pool Builders      
  • Soils Engineering: Geotechnical Considerations for Successful Swimming Pool Construction     
  • Pool Service Agreements for Growth and Profit
  • Variable Speed Pumps – How to Install and Demonstrate Savings to Grow Sales and Comply with New Federal Regulations
  • Increasing Profit with Proper Job Costing Techniques      
  • Waterproofing Pools, Spa & Water Structures - A Dynamic Systems Approach     
  • SERVICE 321: Introduction to Advanced Pool Filtration
  • CONSTRUCTION 406: Pool Shell Cracking in Shotcrete/Gunite Construction
  • CONSTRUCTION 171: Commercial Project Profiles - An Interactive Discussion on Design and Construction     
  • CONSTRUCTION 404: Waterproofing & Finishes Panel Discussion   
  • BUSINESS 107: Design Fees – Billing for Professional Services


GENESIS pre-conference programs approved for State of Florida DBPR/CILB CEUs are:

  • GENESIS CONSTRUCTION 201:  Basic Pool Construction, a three-day pre-conference program
  • GENESIS ENGINEERING 311:  Advanced Basic Fluid Engineering, a two-day pre-conference program