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Your customers are at PSP/Deck Expo

PSP/Deck Expo 2024 is November 12-14 at the Kay Baily Hutchinson Convention Center, in Dallas Texas. Conference runs from November 9-14, and the Expo runs from November 12-14.

PSP/Deck Expo is our industry’s premier education, networking, and business marketplace. This event partnership actively collaborates across the entire pool, spa, backyard, and decking industries to bring you the most comprehensive array of client meetings, education, and technology all in one place. Remember to include exhibiting with us in your 2024-2025 marketing budget and strategy.

The PSP/Deck Expo sets the stage for the year ahead. Exhibiting puts your solutions and technology in front of a captive audience —the buyers looking for YOUR products! Make a Splash, and take your business further, faster by participating with the PSP/Deck Expo.


Exhibitor Alert

Please note that PSP/Deck Expo and its official vendors DO NOT sell attendee lists under any circumstance. Companies or groups offering such lists are not affiliated with PSP/Deck Expo in any way and cannot possibly have accurate attendee data. For more information, visit the Official Vendors section of the website. 

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Meet Your Team

Contact us today to exhibit in the most important industry event of the year and the ONLY event to offer you more of what you need for your business and more than any other regional event.

Amy Scott 

Senior Account Executive
[email protected]

Tami Svarfvar

Business Development Manager 
[email protected]

Steve Schlange 

Sales Manager
[email protected]

Donovan Shanahan

Account Executive
[email protected]