Booth Configurations

Standard Booth

Standard Booth

Definition: In-Line Booths have only one side exposed to an aisle and have at least one adjacent neighbor on either side of the booth.Booths are most commonly 10’ wide by 10’ deep. No booth construction or signage may exceed 8’ in overall height. The maximum height of 8 is permitted on the back 5’ section and a maximum height of 4’ is permitted on the front 5’ section. Please reference the diagram of allowable configurations. No hanging signage from the ceiling is allowed in an In-Line Booth.

Perimeter Booth

Perimeter Booth

Definition: A Perimeter Booth is an In-Line Booth that is the outermost aisle of booths that do not back up to another booth.All guidelines for In-Line (Linear) Booths apply to Perimeter Booths except that the maximum backwall height allowed on the back 5’ section is 12’. No hanging signage from ceiling is allowed in a Perimeter Booth. Please reference the drawing for a diagram of the allowable configurations.

Standard Booth

Island Booth

Definition: An Island Booth is any size booth exposed to aisles on all four sides of the booth with no adjacent neighbors.Booth fixtures, components and signage will be permitted up to a maximum height of 20’. Hanging signs from the ceiling are permitted in Island Booths that are 400 square feet and larger, but the top of the sign may not exceed 20’ in overall height.

Special Notes:

  • Unfinished Walls - Any unfinished walls are subject to review by Show Management. Should Show Management deem the backside of the booth “unsightly” and/or does not conform to the overall quality of the show, the exhibitor may be required to drape the backside of the booth at the exhibitor’s expense. 
  • Flooring - Flooring is not required for Greenbuild International Conference and Expo. If you would like to order flooring, Freeman offers a wide selection of carpet options for your exhibit flooring needs.

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