Banner and Logo Library

To help increase traffic at your booth, we encourage you to promote your participation in PSP/Deck Expo by including the show logo in all your promotional materials. 


Please note that logos must be used in its entirety; no portion may be segmented off. Logo use is limited to attendee promotional materials only and may not be used in any way to endorse a company or product. The promotional piece with the logo included must be submitted to Megan Magaña for approval prior to printing and distribution.

Marketing Questions?

Megan Magaña 
Senior Marketing Manager
[email protected]


Remember to link banners! Either back to your own page with information about your exhibit, or use the specialized link to let your customers register with a free expo pass. This link is in your Feathr toolkit.



Pro-Tip: Open the image in a new tab, then right-click to save!


Animated Logo Videos

New in 2022 - use these mp4 videos as intros or outros in videos to promote your show presence.