Inventive and Game-Changing Products

The Product Showcase is where attendees can compare several new and exciting products at the show side by side. On Day 2, the winners of the Best Green Product and Best New Product are announced. These winners are featured in Pool & Spa News, official publication for the PSP Expo.

2016 Best New Product

1st Place: LaMotte Co., Water Link Spin Touch

2nd Place: Ramuc Pool Pain, Ultra Pro 2000 Low Voc Commercial Ruber Pool Paint

3rd Place: Evosus, Evosus Analytics

2016 Best Green Product

1st Place: CMP, Brilliant Wonders 4-Inch LED Bubbler and LED Waterfall

2nd Place: Advasol, Advasol Water Soluble Film for Harsh Chemicals

3rd Place: Waterway Plastics, Variable-Speed Swim-Spa Systems

The 2016 showcase received over 50 entries, including these featured products:

Advasol is a patented series of water soluble films that extends the range of potential applicationsfor water soluble dosing. Our films can package a variety of pool and spa chemicals previouslythought to be too aggressive for this form of packaging. Supported by a team of dedicatedexperts and the latest testing and development capabilities, Advasol is ready to assist in creatingcompetitive products.

AquaNova™ UV plus proven quality ozone technology in a concise design. AquaNova™ createshydroxyl radicals which react 1 million times faster than other oxidizers and has a higherdisinfection and oxidation rate than combining ozone and UV-C. AquaNova™ has a patent pendingbuilt-in venturi injector for a true plug and play design. The AquaNova™ will save time and money.

The unique AquaFinesse® After-Spa Body Lotion (250ml/8.45oz) contains natural Dead Seaminerals with their well-known effects, perfect for all of your skin care needs. A nourishing andpampering body lotion enriched with the delicate, refreshing fragrance of Apricot or Papaya-Lemon. Gently massage the lotion on your skin, leaving it soft and totally moisturized. Stop byBooth #1453 to sample it for yourself.

The HydraLux is a unique automatic pool cover that utilizes extruded rigid PVC slats. This slatdesign eliminates the rope / track / leading edge bar interface as with traditional automatic poolcovers, and can provide automation on pools that previously could not accept an automatic poolcover. In addition, multiple covers can be deployed from a hidden recess in the pool floor to allowfor the most complex pool shapes and designs. Visit Aquamatic at booth #851 to learn more.

Experience wellness for every body with an impressive level of luxury. Each Artesian Spa has been designed to provide the ultimate therapeutic experience. With five lines to choose from, you will see why we provide the best quality spas, the most features and the greatest range of products.Visit Booth 901 and let us show you how to capture a larger share of your market.

Create stunning underwater color shows with Gecko’s in.mix 300 light system for your spa. Whenconnected to one of our X or Y series control systems, in.mix transforms our in.k1000 touch screenand in.k800 color display keypads in real lighting consoles with a perfect interface. Set up yourpersonalized ambiance easily with an infinite selection of colors and a light intensity dimmer atyour fingertips.

inSPAration, the leading aromatherapy fragrance, for Spas and Hot Tubs has been manufacturingaromatherapy for over 40 years. Our unique water soluble aromatherapy blends are formulated foryour hot water enjoyment. Always innovating and bringing new products to market, inSPArationis a name you have always been able to trust. Check out our New aromatherapy Misting Diffusers,HTX matching liquid line and our popular Pool Refresh!

FROG @ease is a revolutionary new hot tub sanitizing system that uses the proven effectiveness ofFROG minerals with the unique self-regulating properties of SmartChlor Technology. Spa ownersenjoy up to 75% less chlorine with no yo-yo chlorine levels, shocking only once a month, far lessodors and no constant maintenance. Dealers experience satisfied @ease customers that driverepeat sales at greater profit margins.

The new WaterLink® Spin Touch™ water analysis lab is designed to be used by retail professionalsalong with on-site by pool operators and service professionals. The photometer can measure in just60 seconds all the tests needed to obtain perfect water chemistry.

Formulated for previously painted chlorinated rubber and synthetic rubber surfaces. Ultra Pro2000 Low VOC Commercial Rubber Pool Paint has been formulated for commercial use onconcrete or plaster pools. Apply over other chlorinated or synthetic rubber pool paints in goodcondition as well as bare concrete and plaster surfaces. Self-priming paint, NO PRIMER REQUIRED.Up to 400 per sq. ft./gallon on recoats. Flat finish. White and Dawn Blue.

Pleatco FilterWash™ is a simple to use cleaning table specially formulated to penetrate deeplyinto any reusable cartridge filter and remove the accumulated materials such as suntan lotionor oil, body oil, grease, dirt, soap scum and other organics. This thorough cleaning allowscartridges to return to a high level of original performance without harming the filter. Unlikeother cleaning agents, Pleatco FilterWash™ comes in specific formulas - one for pools and onefor spas, scientifically engineered for each environment. So let us do the work for you, simply andeffectively.

River Rok®, an advanced revolutionary interior pool finish, is blended with premium natural pebblesto resemble nature in all her splendor. SGM’s unique process retains its original finish even afteryears of exposure to nature’s elements. Available in a premium collection of individual colors, RiverRok® finishes are an alternative to traditional pool coatings, elevating your creative designs intomemorable impressions.

Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer is a new biological and natural approach has been proven toreduce cyanuric acid/conditioner/stabilizer levels by disintegrating it at the molecular level.

Sun Fiberglass is proud to introduce the Tropic Model measuring 16’ x 42’ featuring a roomy designwith lots of seating, an oversized tanning ledge with built in water bubblers. The Sun FiberglassPools are available in 4 color finishes featuring the critical point lamination process hand craftingthe best one-piece pool in the industry. We have over 40 designs loaded with built in features.

Aqua-Shield EZ48, built by US Motors, is designed to provide superior moisture resistance insidethe motor where water and debris can damage windings and bearings, causing premature motorfailure. The back end of the motor has also been redesigned to allow more space for connections.All motors are nameplated with total horsepower ratings, helping to eliminate the number of SKU’syou need to stock.