2018 New Product Introduction Program

Below is just a sample of the new products that you will have a chance to explore and see in person at this year's International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo. If you find a product you like, click on the image to find their booth location on the show floor and short-list that exhibitor. As of 9/26/18

Acid Magic – The User Friendly Muriatic Acid - Advanced Formula Booth

Booth #2267
ACID Magic - Advanced Formula. It’s always been great! Now it’s even better! Tested Safe in All Heated/Unheated Pools! No Phosphates or Phosphorous Containing Ingredients!

Aquastar - Gyro Vac

Booth #2412

We reinvented the wheel... The unique Gyro Vac features Vac-Easy multi-directional wheels that allow the user to glide the vacuum in any direction with ease.

Blueray XL Mineral Purifier & Catalyst™

Booth #3632
Blueray XL, LLC is a US chemical manufacturer, featuring its newly Cal-EPA approved game-changing product that is in a class of its own. Blueray XL is the ultimate 7-in-1 Mineral Purifier UPGRADE. Blueray XL, LLC is the innovator of the new Unlock Your Pool™ technology that is revolutionizing the pool & hot tub industry by eliminating specialty-product overkill & dramatically saving money & effort through a sustained increase in overall chemical effectiveness. It will help reduce your costs & labor up to 50%.

Bullfrog Spas - A9L

Booth #1911

The all-new A9L by Bullfrog Spas sets the standard in spacious luxury spas with 7 customizable JetPaks, 8 premium seats, a luxurious lounger, along with ample leg and foot therapy.

Carvin Pool Equipment - RedWood Resin Aboveground Pool

Booth #1957

RedWood 100% Resin Aboveground Pool
With it's modern, refined and durable design this North American made high end above ground resin pool stands out in its category!

CCEI USA - Plug in Pool®

Booth #1368
CCEI, an international creator of innovative products for the swimming pool industry, now offers its patented Plug in Pool® underwater electric outlet –an underwater electric outlet that works without contact. Installed in the swimming pool wall, the plug works by induction. It is wireless, contactless and above all, safe. The Plug in Pool® socket uses induction to create an electrical current from an electromagnet, allowing pool owners to connect underwater devices into the plug-- from LED lights and speakers to robotic cleaners & pool alarms.

ClearWater Tech, LLC - New Microzone Series

Booth #1745
The new Microzone CD325 & CD550 from ClearWater Tech produce more ozone performance in a compact size. Delivering complete disinfection on contact, the Microzone Series have an updated corona discharge reaction chamber, a new look, requires no air prep, and provides more ozone output. Perfect for residential spas, ornamental water features, and small aquariums. 

CMP - DEL™ UV-C 50

Booth #2037

CMP introduces the DEL UV-C 50 for swimming pools. Natural UV-C light protects swimmers from chlorine-resistant organisms like Crypto. The UV-C 50 reduces chlorine demand, saving customers time and money. A "smart" cover features built-in power and heat protection. The high flow design includes unions, a built-in drain, and comes with hardwire or “plug and play” capabilities. See it in Booth #2037.

ControlOmatic, Inc. - SmarterSpa

Booth #1776
ControlOMatic’s SmarterSpa allows any spa to have salt chlorine generation—up to 30 grams/ day.  Service pros mount control box to the spa’s skirt, add salt and place the electrode in the water – it’s that simple. Control panel has 3 buttons for adjusting the chlorine production and 4 indicator showing chlorine production/ if cell checking. Significantly reduces chemical usage and maintenance. Sell and install SmarterSpa to keep your customers happy with their spa!

Color Match Pool Fittings - Vinyl Skimmer Beauty Kit

Booth #1357

Vinyl Skimmer Beauty
Kit: Make your skimmer blend in to match your disappearing Vinyl Top Drain Covers with our new Skimmer Beauty Kit. Includes the decorative faceplate, skimmer sleeve, and weir. Simply snap on each part, no glue needed. Fits with Hayward Skimmers SP1084 & SP1085.


Booth # 2076
Everblue is a unique technology that helps eliminate chlorine and other chemicals up to 95%. There is nothing like it in the world. Every atom in the universe has its unique vibrations. Everblue is a special alloy (mixture of metals) that sends ultrafine vibrations when water passes thought your pipes, these vibrations kills bacteria and algae, preventing and dissolving limescale and corrosion. Everblue works in any type of swimming pool, indoor or outdoor, big or small eliminating up to 95% of chemicals.

Evosus - Version 6.7

Booth #1831

Evosus is excited to announce the launch of version 6.7! Dealers can now choose from a list of integrated payment providers, save time with our ALEX Pro integration and reduce double data entry using our integration with Baystate Pool Supplies. The Evosus Mobile Service add-on also has a new look,
plus streamlined features that allow techs to resolve customer issues quickly and professionally.  

H2flow Controls - FlowStart™

Booth #3325

Introducing the all-new FlowStart from H2flow Controls; a fully featured and affordable pool pump, lighting, and chemical feeder controller that replaces outdated analog pump timers. With an optional Bluetooth feature, FlowStart will even allow you to control your pump, lighting and lighting colors from the comfort of your poolside seating. For more information, visit H2flow Controls in booth #3325.

Hayward Pool Products - OmniHub

Booth #2823

Hayward OmniHub™ smart pool control is the only solution that delivers simple, affordable control to virtually any pool & spa. OmniHub provides convenient smartphone control for the entire pool pad, including adjusting, monitoring and scheduling for the pump, heater, lights, salt system and more. Even switching on the spa is one-touch-easy. Professional 5-step install is simple and typically completed in a few hours.  

Hydro-Flux Aqua Products - FlowBright

Booth #1877

FlowBright is an underwater LED pool light that sets a new standard for all pool lighting products. It uses our patented electrical generation system to illuminate your pool without the need for electrical hook-ups, cables, transformers, niches, deck boxes or intricate installations. With its straightforward design, precision-engineered components, and high output, FlowBright will simplify pool installation and maintenance.

Industrial Test Systems, Inc. - eXact iDip® Professional Kit

Booth #2157

The only Level 1 NSF/ANSI-50 Certified water testing system, the eXact iDip® Professional Test Kit is the latest generation kit that combines two state of the art water quality test instruments. The first is the revolutionary eXact iDip® Smart Photometer System which integrates patented 2–way wireless communication with any compatible iOS or Android smart device and has the potential to test over 40 water parameters. The second is the NEW eXact® pH+ Smart Meter system which capitalizes on electrochemistry technology combined with Bluetooth connectivity.

Jack’s Magic Products - Exposure Magic

Booth # 1828
Exposure Magic is a new product by Jack's Magic Products designed to be an acid wash replacement for exposing new plaster finishes and restoring oxidized or scaled finishes. Exposure Magic reduces plaster dusting, streaking, mottling and hydration problems. There is no initial water chemistry rollercoaster, so the number of revisits required for new pool start-ups can be cut down dramatically!

Keeper Sports Products, LLC - Atlantis Viewing (body) Board

Booth #3471

The Atlantis is a bodyboard shaped viewing board. Three sizes including a 42", 37" and 33" board, the Atlantis is designed to give you a view to what's below you. Featuring a clear PVC scratch resistant viewing window on the deck and a surf leash, Atlantis viewing boards are bright, colorful and buoyant!

Kokido Development Limited - Manga+ Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

Booth #1422
The MANGA+ is a cordless robotic pool cleaner designed to clean above-ground & in-ground pools with a flat bottom. It features a unique “stop & go” system that allows it to reverse upon encountering the pool wall. The lithium-ion battery enables the robot to deliver constant performance over 90 minutes. Debris is collected & contained in a spacious compartment with a stainless-steel screen.

LeakTronics - Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit and Accessory Mic

Booth #1462
The Pro Complete Kit is the most advanced and easy to use leak detection equipment in the swimming pool industry. The kit includes the LeakTronics staple - the Pool Scope - for detecting leaks in any body of water. Just drop the mic in the pool! Also in the kit, find the Pipe Mic. It's capable of detecting leaks inside of pipes as small as 1 inch in diameter. The kit is applicable to listening in concrete, gunite, fiberglass, composite and vinyl liner pools. The Pro Complete Kit also comes with pressure testing capability and our micro camera with dye injector. This lets the user see inside plumbing lines, light niches, deep skimmer throats and other hard to reach places. 

Meridian Tile - Pool Bar Stool Top

Booth #1264
Our patent pending porcelain Bar Stool Tops are a handmade, frost proof, scratch resistant solution for swim up bar seats. The meshed, modular design means quick and easy installation while allowing personalization. 

Natural Current - SunRay Solar Powered Above Ground Hybrid DC Pool Pump $399

Booth #1016

The Swimming Pool is your New Savings Account when your powered by Natural Current Solar Powered Pool Products! Pool Owners can Save around $2000 annually by offsetting Utility Pump and Chemical cost! We have the most Sustainable Pool Products in the World! Complete Off-Grid Operation! 30% Tax Credit! Catalog and Pricing: TEXT: SOLAR to 474747, Booth#1016

NC Brands - CYA Removal Kit™

Booth #2943

New CYA Removal Kit--a two-part system for reducing excessive levels of cyanuric acid in swimming pools.  Efficiently removes cyanuric acid from pool water without the need to drain or dilute water from a pool. The CYA Removal Kit takes cyanuric acid (known as CYA, stabilizer, conditioner) out of pool water. Prolonged use of stabilized chlorine can cause CYA levels to build up. New kit reduces high levels of cyanuric acid to help achieve ideal range of 30-50ppm for pools.

Pentair - Pentair ETI® 400 High Efficiency Heater

Booth #2321
Using Titan Tough™ pure titanium with direct fire heat exchanger design makes this new heater highly corrosion resistant and provides fast heat-up times. Ultra-quiet operation, easy to install both indoors and out with ASME certified construction. Easy to install, the unit uses category IV venting and air intake with PVC pipe. 3-Year Warranty!

PoolSmith Technologies - Organic pH

Booth #3533

Finally a healthy alternative to liquid acid! The Organic pH control system injects tiny amounts of recycled carbon dioxide into your pool water, creating a mild non-toxic acid known as Carbonic Acid. Carbonic acid is Mother Nature’s way to control high pH. Our revolutionary patented process allows us to do what our competitors cannot. Organic pH, created by Mother Nature, developed by Poolsmith. 

Ramuc Pool Paint - Coping Spray Paint

Booth # 2710
Pool coping – that area where the pool walls meet the pool deck – can easily become chipped, dirty or faded without proper upkeep.  Regularly cleaning the coping is important, but repainting it when it shows signs of wear gives a pool a fresh new look and will help protect the coping material from further damage.  Easy to use, Comfort Spray Tip, VOC compliant.  

RenoSys® - PolyGrate™

Booth #1653
New PolyGrate™ is a durable and versatile pool perimeter grating machined from single sheets of marine-grade HDPE and completely customizable.  PolyGrate can be designed to fit any pool gutter and features a high-friction walking surface to prevent slipping and promote improved drainage.  The remarkable strength of the PolyGrate also makes it ideal for new or renovated bulkheads.  Custom engineered for each project to facilitate hassle-free installation. Made in USA.

Rico Rock - Countertop with Waterfall

Booth #1261
New stand-alone ‘Countertop’ designed to be used poolside bar.  This unique countertop is manufactured of high tech fiber reinforced concrete mix with the option to include a 24” Colorfall™ waterfall effect with color LED lighting that cascades into the pool. The unit is 72” wide by 32” deep and 32” high and comes in 4 pieces that are easily shipped and can be bolted together on-site with included hardware.

SilkBalance - Water Care Kit B

Booth #1931
Say goodbye to a spa full of harsh chemicals. One weekly dose – now available in a dissolvable, premeasured packet, & you will enjoy the best spa water experience imaginable! SilkBalance is the only water care system developed & tested with real science & it gives you silky, soft sensations.  Easy to use: · Dissolves in seconds · Toss into filter compartment · Your skin will feel softer · pH & alkalinity stay balanced · Odors neutralized · Less work, more time for fun & relaxation.


Booth #2347

SoftSkinSpa™ is a Product of Substance so your customers can See, Feel, and Enjoy. With having a retail price point under $1 per day!  No one comes close to offering all the benefits you and your customers are looking, to enjoy the ideal hot tub experience.  Stop giving away overpriced products and hoping they will continue to buy from you and not the internet. Why not Gain and Retain customers with SoftSkinSpa™!  

Spazazz LLC

Booth #2659

Enjoy a relaxing soak in your hot tub or tub with Spazazz spa Bombzz! An original Spazazz creation our new Bombzz burst and fizz with aromatherapy. Formulated with the same great Epsom salt, magnesium, vitamins, 4x the aromatherapy, and aloe. They will instantly become your favorite! They are scented with all the finest aromatherapy, there aromas run the gamut for uplifting sunshine and calming lavender. So easy to use- just toss it in and enjoy! Benefits: Anti-inflammatory, Stress relievers, Soothes aches & pains, Moisturizing, and Spa & Bath Safe. 

Water Tech Corp - Pool Blaster ® Volt FX™-8Li

Booth #1411
Water Tech’s Pool Blaster® Volt FX™-8Li has been newly redesigned to include lithium ion battery technology and a push button ON/OFF switch. Cordless, rechargeable, powerful and easy to use. A 12.75- inch vacuum head, two reusable filter bags plus a head & hose attachment vacuums in-ground and above ground pools fast. Attach to any standard telescopic pool pole, turn the unit on, and vacuum. Runs up 60 minutes when fully charged. 2-year limited warranty.