Product Innovation Zone

Below is just a sample of the new products that you will have a chance to explore and see in person at this year's International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo. If you find a product you like, click on the image to find their booth location on the show floor and short-list that exhibitor.

Exhibitors: Click here to submit your new product/innovation. Each product is subject to show management approval and must be new to the market after January 1, 2017.

Aurand Manufacturing: Surfacing Prep Tool

Aurand tools are the perfect tool for pool renovations for removing old paint, or failing coatings, while leaving an excellent profile for a new coating to properly adhere.

Aurand's surface prep tools are durable, effecient, user friendly units that can be used for multiple of applications.

There is no need for the mess of sandblasting when using Aurand products.

Booth #1271

Finest Finish

Universal White Cement: Finest Finish Blends

Finest Finish Blends are proven to be the strongest and most durable pool finishes on today's market. Pre-blended interior finishes, everything from marble plaster to our newest Micro Fusion pebble finishes are blended with our  high-performance, pozzolonic blended Universal White Cement. 7 year warranties.

Booth #1301

Crystal Fountains

Crystal Fountains: Deck Jet Kit - WDK100

The directionally adjustable Deckjet Kit nozzles comes in a variety of options to meet the wide range of design needs for applications that require flush deck level mounting such as swimming pool decks and children's public water play areas.

Booth #547



Pooltackr Field is an end to end field service management designed specifically for the pool and spa industry. Pooltrackr Lab is an in-store water testing platform. Data is shared across both, so you keep all your customer and pool information in one place. The web portal and mobile apps enable you to do jobs, water testing, quotes and invoicing from the office or the field.

Booth #2355

Hi-Clear Calcium Hypochlorite

United Mineral & Chemical Corporation: Hi-Clear Calcium Hypochlorite

Hi-Clear Calcium Hypochlorite is used to shock contaminated swimming pools and also provides chlorine for daily use. 

Booth #201

RB Retail Service Solutions software

RB Retail & Service Solutions Software

RB Retail & Service Solutions is proud to announce our new SLQ upgrade!

Booth #1018

BTSWIM Sports Pool Noodles

BTSWIM: Sports Pool Noodles

MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA branded sports noodles. Spandex-like removable sleeve with noodle will be the hottest new pool toy for 2018.

Booth #226

Outdoor Shower Distributing Center: ToddPod Outdoor Cabana

The ToddPod Outdoor Cabana in our model CTP-9 will compliment any outdoor living space. The cabana model measures 46" x 130" x 88" and is available with white, grey or beige wall panels and grey or beige decking. this models extends our double outdoor shower units with a third section to add an outdoor toilet and small pedestal sink. 

Booth #2548

Patio enclosure CORSO Ultima

Pool and Spa Enclosures LLC.: Patio enclosure CORSO Ultima

Patio enclosure CORSO ULTIMA have less aluminium frames to give way to spectacular view out of the enclosure. You will feel you are in the garden yet your are comfortably sitting on your patio. This model of patio enclosure thus copes with nowadays trends in modern architecture. Carefull evaluation of wishes and demands of our customers allowed us to create this new enclosure CORSO ULTIMA.

Booth #1160


CFB120-V2 CROSSFIRE™ Brass Burner

Warming Trends: CFB120-V2 CROSSFIRE™ Brass Burner

Twice the flame. Half the gas. The CROSSFIRE™ Brass Burner utilizes cutting-edge technology to product a taller, brighter, fuller flame replicating a natural, wood burning fire for outdoor gas fire pits. 

Booth #2619