New Product Innovation Zone

Below is just a sample of the new products that you will have a chance to explore and see in person at this year's International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo. If you find a product you like, click on the image to find their booth location on the show floor and short-list that exhibitor.



Evosus is debuting a new cloud based point of sale software! Visit booth #1631 to see Evosus Retail Pro in action.

Coral Drowning Detection

CORAL Drowning Detection: Coral Manta

CORAL MANTA is the first video based drowning detection system for private pools. It monitors the underwater pool 24/7 to give you the PEACE OF MIND you need when owning a private pool.

CORAL uses the latest artificial intelligence technology in computer vision.  Its sophisticated software constantly tracks all people in the pool using the built-in underwater video camera and sensors. When a near drowning event is detected CORAL will sound a local and in-home alarm, as well as send alerts to your smartphone.


Industrial Test Systems

Industrial Test Systems: eXact pH+ Multi Pocket Tester

Industrial Test Systems, Inc. (ITS) has released the eXact pH+ Multi Pocket Tester with Bluetooth SMART for detection of pH, Conductivity, Salinity, TDS, Temperature, and ORP probe in water.  It uses Bluetooth to connect with the eXact iDip app allowing users to pair the unit with a smart device. The unit is waterproof (IP-76), easy to operate and provides rapid, accurate results. These features make it ideal for consumers and professionals alike.  

iGUi: Fiberglass Pools

iGUi is a company specializing in manufacturing of fiberglass swimming pool, filters and pool accessories with 20 years of experience. iGUi is based in more than 30 countries with 800 franchises divided between South America, North America, Caribbean and Europe. Currently iGUi manufactures over 30,000 pools per year

Aurand Manufacturing: Surfacing Prep Tool

Aurand tools are the perfect tool for pool renovations for removing old paint, or failing coatings, while leaving an excellent profile for a new coating to properly adhere.

Aurand's surface prep tools are durable, effecient, user friendly units that can be used for multiple of applications.

There is no need for the mess of sandblasting when using Aurand products.

Finest Finish

Universal White Cement: Finest Finish Blends

Finest Finish Blends are proven to be the strongest and most durable pool finishes on today's market. Pre-blended interior finishes, everything from marble plaster to our newest Micro Fusion pebble finishes are blended with our  high-performance, pozzolonic blended Universal White Cement. 7 year warranties.

Algae-Zilla© 10"-100%-SS Brush

SweepEase LLC Pool Brush: Algae-Zilla© 10"-100%-SS Brush

Algae-Zilla©, The only pool brush in the World that is patented to hold to the walls and floor with every thrust, (up to 50" away,). It’s AquaDynamic® No hop, skip or jump, Guaranteed to make 100% contact, every time, with one hand, yet easily slices back through the water. Every thrust removes Algae, calcium, and sodium deposits, leaving your pool pristine clean!

Industrial Test Systems

Industrial Test Systems: eXact iDip Smart Photometer System

eXact iDip Smart Photometer System now works with Apple Watch The eXact iDip Smart Photometer System® is the only Level 1 NSF/ANSI-50 Certified water testing system that utilizes 2–way communication with a Bluetooth® Smart ready smartphone/tablet. This patented technology enables the app to be the brain of the system utilizing its many unique features. Now available for Apple Watch® its easy to sync data between iOS devices and Apple Watch® to view customers, perform tests, and save results to history.

natural pond

All Island Pool Finish Supply: BioDesign USA

The heart of a Biodesign project is the construction process, which provides a coating of natural quartz sand, molded over an EPDM liner. The result: a solid, structurally sound, and highly elastic waterproofing far superior to that of traditional swimming pools. In addition, these pools can be constructed in multiple colors that duplicate natural sand in different parts of the world.

Hi-Clear Calcium Hypochlorite

United Mineral & Chemical Corporation: Hi-Clear Calcium Hypochlorite

Hi-Clear Calcium Hypochlorite is used to shock contaminated swimming pools and also provides chlorine for daily use. 

Crystal Fountains

Crystal Fountains: Deck Jet Kit - WDK100

The directionally adjustable Deckjet Kit nozzles comes in a variety of options to meet the wide range of design needs for applications that require flush deck level mounting such as swimming pool decks and children's public water play areas.

CL industries Hydrazzo Pacifico

CL Industries: Hydrazzo Pacifico

By utilizing the highest quality raw materials available, Pacifico becomes the most luxurious and smoothest pool finish in today's marketplace. Pacifico uses aggregates that are larger than standard Hydrazzo and smaller than Classico, making this our easiest polished marble finish to apply and polish. With eight unique colors, Hydrazzo Pacifico delivers elegance that is unmatched in the industry.

PPSO course

APSP: Professional Pool & Spa Operator Certification

Introducing the Industry's New Premier Program for:

  • Commercial Swimming Pool Operators
  • Managers
  • Engineers
  • Service Company Professionals
  • Health Officials
  • Facility Owners
  • Manufacturers
  • Retailers

Visit Silvia in the APSP Booth to find out how to each or take the PPSO course.


pHin-ConnectedYard: Smart Water Care for Pools and Hot Tubs

Our pHin simplifies pool & hot tub care with a WiFi-enabled smart monitor and a mobile app. It gives service technicians and retailers access to new revenue streams. pHin monitors water chemistry 24/7 and sends smartphone alerts proactively. Then, it gives water adjustment recommendations when used with any chemical, and provides specific dosing instructions for a growing list of chemicals.

McDermott Sledge Hammer Break Cue

McDermott Cue: SH1 Sledgehammer Break Cue

Sledgehammer is one of the most recognized and respected names in dedicated break cues. The patented ferrule technology found in the SH1 optimizes energy transfer, resulting in extreme power and accuracy. Known to many as the hardest hitting break cue on the market, the Sledgehammer simply destroys a rack, leaving your competition speechless. Learn more at 

BTSWIM Sports Pool Noodles

BTSWIM: Sports Pool Noodles

MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA branded sports noodles. Spandex-like removable sleeve with noodle will be the hottest new pool toy for 2018.

Outdoor Shower Distributing Center: ToddPod Outdoor Cabana

The ToddPod Outdoor Cabana in our model CTP-9 will compliment any outdoor living space. The cabana model measures 46" x 130" x 88" and is available with white, grey or beige wall panels and grey or beige decking. this models extends our double outdoor shower units with a third section to add an outdoor toilet and small pedestal sink. 

RB Retail Service Solutions software

Aztech Energy: SunCatcher™

SunCatcher™ is the first solar spa cover to seamlessly integrate solar technology. It uses the sun’s energy to deliver up to 900W of heating to minimize electrical heating needs and saves between $500 - $1,000 over 5 years. A combination of durability, energy-efficiency, and cost savings delivered in an attractive and easy to self-install cover makes SunCatcher a natural choice for any spa owner.

Perfect Project Pricing

Pool Pro Office: Perfect Project Pricing App

Perfect Project Pricing the NEW APP will be a stand alone APP for pool builders or sales designers to manage their leads, customizable pricing program and proposals. Stores all client information and documents and allows you to price and email proposals. Stop by and get your 60 day FREE trial version.

RB Retail Service Solutions software

RB Retail & Service Solutions Software

RB Retail & Service Solutions is proud to announce our new SLQ upgrade!

Outdoor Fire Concepts

Outdoor Fire Concepts: Fully Automated Battery Powered Electronic Ignition System

Aurand tools are the perfect tool for pool renovations for removing old paint, or failing coatings, while leaving an excellent profile for a new coating to properly adhere.

Aurand's surface prep tools are durable, effecient, user friendly units that can be used for multiple of applications.

There is no need for the mess of sandblasting when using Aurand products.

Patio enclosure CORSO Ultima

Pool and Spa Enclosures LLC.: Patio enclosure CORSO Ultima

Patio enclosure CORSO ULTIMA have less aluminium frames to give way to spectacular view out of the enclosure. You will feel you are in the garden yet your are comfortably sitting on your patio. This model of patio enclosure thus copes with nowadays trends in modern architecture. Carefull evaluation of wishes and demands of our customers allowed us to create this new enclosure CORSO ULTIMA.

CFB120-V2 CROSSFIRE™ Brass Burner

Warming Trends: CFB120-V2 CROSSFIRE™ Brass Burner

Twice the flame. Half the gas. The CROSSFIRE™ Brass Burner utilizes cutting-edge technology to product a taller, brighter, fuller flame replicating a natural, wood burning fire for outdoor gas fire pits. 

RB Retail Service Solutions software


The DEL AOP 25 from CMP is a new compact AOP sanitizer for the complete modern pool. It is easy to install, lightweight and will treat pools up to 25,000 gallons. The powerful AOP technology reduces chemical dependency and destroys 99.9% contaminants and bacteria for clean healthy water. The AOP 25 is environmentally safe and provides efficient, reliable performance.



LongerArm uses the power of leverage to easily and effectively clean the walls of your pool. It works with any standard brush. Its unique application allows superior wall brushing during both push and overlapping pull strokes unlike all other brushing tools and methods.

AST Certification

National Swimming Pool Foundation: Advanced Service Technician

The AST Certification is a comprehensive blended (online and in-class) training designed to provide service professionals with the knowledge and skills to service residential pools and spas, including equipment installation, maintenance, and repair. The AST course is 56 hours long, and is comprised of 48 hours of self-paced online learning as well as an 8 hour classroom course with exam.