2022 Product Showcase

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Get inspired and find new solutions to help you grow your business. The Product Showcases pavilion features some of the best products and services the industry offers and new technology that hit the market in the last year.

Categories are Best in Show and Best New Product, with sub-categories of:

  • Outdoor Living Product
  • Equipment Pad Product
  • Pool Construction Product
  • Service Industry Product
  • Spa Related Product

More products are being added weekly - keep an eye on this space for all of them! And remember to VOTE for your favorites at the Product Showcase on-site, booth #5766

See all of the nominees:

Best in Show - Pool Construction
Product: ZIPLEVELPRO-2000 High Precision Altimeter
Company: ZIPLEVEL / Technidea Corporation

The Revolutionary ZIPLEVEL® PRO-2000 Replaces Rotary Lasers as the World's Fastest, Easiest Level.

Now, you can unpack in two seconds, and truly work alone with paper-thin precision over unlimited ranges without line-of-sight, distance error, factory calibration or math and pack up in under five seconds. Uses: estimating, bidding, excavating, grading, tiling, coping, negative-edge, and drainage. Easy, Fast, Rugged, Powerful, Proven, and Made in the USA. Cut costs, boost profits, and join the measurement revolution.

Best in Show - Service Industry 
Product: The Cyclone Filter Cleaning System
Company: Cyclone Filter Tools

Have you ever struggled to clean your pool cartridge filter? If so you’re not alone, it’s a real pain to get it clean. The Cyclone is the ultimate filter cleaning solution. 

Key Benefits: It saves time and reduces strain on your back! Deep cleans in between filter pleats. Compact and convenient for transport and storage. Runs off water pressure from garden hose. Environmentally friendly - Extends the life of filter elements. Promotes more timely cleaning

Best in Show - Service Industry
Product: Ariel by Solar-Breeze
Company: Pivot-Solar Breeze

Pivot how you clean pools!

Ariel by Solar-Breeze is a solar-powered pool skimming robot that intelligently navigates the surface of a swimming pool to skim off large and micro-sized debris. With an advanced solution like Ariel in your customer's pools, you'll spend less time at the pools you service, improve customer relations, and increase your bottom line.

Plus, pool owners will enjoy a constantly swim-ready and healthy pool, and lower energy bills.

Best in Show - Spa Related
Product: Pool & Spa Aqua Combs
Company: Aqua Comb / Mi-Way, Inc.

Aqua Combs come in 2 styles that clean spa, pool and hot tub cartridge filters in 3-5 minutes using less time and water. It attaches to a hose and the Aqua Comb combines a 3" wide powerful water spray with a comb that opens the filter pleats and cleans the side walls, allowing the water to remove all the
built-up debris.

Aqua Combs are 100% made in the USA!

Best New Product - Equipment Pad
Product: Pipeline Filter
Company: AquaStar Pool Products

Pipeline Filters are designed with safety and performance in mind.  Our patented double-locking system allows you to safely open the lid, even under pressure.  They deliver top-tier hydraulic efficiency along with best-in-class filtration performance.  Capable of outperforming cartridge filters twice their size hydraulically and in cleanability.


Best New Product - Pool Construction
Product: Tear Away Plumb Strip
Company: Stegmeier LLC

Tear Away Plumb Strip are PVC corners strips used to square the top edge of a fiberglass pool (one piece) in preparation for setting a Cantilever Form.

Tear Away Plumb Strips are installed using double faced tape and self-tapping screws. Once the concrete is poured and the form is removed you can easily grab the exposed PVC below the concrete bend out away from the pool wall and tear away the PVC strip.



Best New Product - Pool Construction
Product: Graphene Nano-Tech
Company: Aqua Technics Pools

Graphene Nano-Tech is a revolutionary process infusing graphene into every Aqua Technics pool. Graphene is the strongest material known to man and we have incorporated this nano-material to create our strongest pool ever built. With high-performing flexural strength, the pool is lighter, stronger and built like no other pool  before. 

This ground-breaking, patent-pending manufacturing process is the next generation of fiberglass pool technology.



Best New Product - Service Industry
Product: PH-50
Company: Clearwater Pool Systems

Powered by CO2 injection, maintaining pH & Total Alkalinity has never been easier. No more suffering with the pH bounce that comes from weekly visits. You're using CO2 whether you realize it or not as acid + sodium bicarbonate = CO2.

pH Pure eliminates acid demand for lowering the pH and allows all sanitizers to be more effective.  HOCI (Hypochlorous Acid) is reduced from 66% active at 7.2 pH to 33% active at 7.8 pH


Best New Product -  Spa Related
Product: The Spa Dragon
Company: The Spa Dragon

The Spa Dragon is a back up heating and early warning system in the event your hot tub or swimspa malfunctions during winter that will help prevent freeze damage and notify you it has been activated. 

The Spa Dragon also lets spa owners change their water regardless of outside temperatures and allows for delivery of hot tubs and swimspas in cold weather.



Best New Product -  Spa Related
Product: Spazazz Rx Therapy & Spa Lab Infused with CBD Crystals
Company: Spazazz

Come by and grab a sample of our new Spazazz Rx Therapy & Spazazz Spa Lab Infused with CBD Crystals aromatherapy spa experience.