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2018 Product Showcase | Booth #2457

Be sure to visit Booth #2457 to browse the Product Showcase, where you'll have a chance to compare over 45 new, green, and other innovative products side by side.

Look out for the PSP Expo Show Daily, powered by Pool and Spa News, to find out which products are awarded best NEW product and best GREEN products.

Featured Products (As of 10/24/2018)

Acid Magic - The User Friendly Muriatic Acid - Acid Magic - Advanded Formula (Booth #2267)
ACID Magic - Advanced Formula. It's always been great! Now it's even better! Tested Safe in All Heated/Unheated Pools! No Phosphates or Phosphorous Containing Ingredients!
Category: New

Apera Instruments, LLC - PC60-Z Smart Pocket Tester (Booth #1152)
The 60-Z Smart Tester, powered by the ZenTest App, helps you monitor pH/TDS/EC levels in a professional and seamless manner. Download the ZenTest App today.
Category: New

Aqua Comb / Mi-Way, inc. - Aqua Comb (Booth #2265)
Pool & Spa Aqua Comb hose connects devices with 3" wide powerful water spray combined with pic comb for cleaning cartridge filters.
Category: Green

AquaStar Pool Products - Gyro Vac (Booth #2413)
The unique Gyro Vac features Vac-Easy multi-directional wheels that allow the user to the glide the vacuum in any direction with ease.
Category: New

Amoray Lighting Inc. - Amoray Underwater LED Light (Booth #1470)
Amoray Lighting - Revolutionary 12V Nicheless Underwater LED Light. Retrofits any existing niche using Amoray's patented bracket system. Easy new installs without cutting or drilling.
Category: New & Green

Australian Innovative Systems Pty Ltd - EcoLine® Inline Chlorine Generator for Commercial Freshwater Swimming Pools (Booth #2617)
International award-winning EcoLine® is a world first inline chlorine generator designed for FINA-standard competition and low-salinity swimming pools with TDS levels between 1,200ppm and 4,000ppm.
Category: Green

Australian Innovative Systems Pty Ltd - EcoLine® Inline Chlorine Generator for Residential Freshwater Swimming Pools (Booth #2617)
The revolutionary low salinity EcoLine® (from 900ppm) combines the convenience of inline chlorine generation with the luxury of swimming in freshwater pools up to 20,000gal.
Category: New & Green

Blue Square Manufacturing - Vivid 360 (Booth #2509)
Vivid 360 Replacement Lights will update warranty prone nicheless lights, 10" incandescent pool and spa light and fiber optic pool lighting to brilliant LED lights that synchronize with Hayward, Pentair and Jandy.
Category: New

Bradley Smoker USA - Bradley Smart Smoker (Booth #2979)
The Bradley Smart Smoker is an improved automatic electric smoker, which is the result of years of advancement and testing on existing smokers. It features innovative smoke Technology, enabling you to connect to and control the smoker from Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and tablets in real-time.
Category: New

Bullfrog Spas - A9L (Booth #1911)
The all-new A9L by Bullfrog Spas sets the standard in spacious luxury spas with 7 customizable JetPaks, 8 premium seats, a luxurious lounger, along with ample leg and foot therapy.
Category: New

Carvin Pool Equipment - RedWood Resin Aboveground Pool (Booth #1957)
With it's modern, refined and durable design this North American made high end above ground resin pool stands out in it's category!
Category: New

ClearWater Tech, LLC - New Microzone Series (Booth #1745)
The NEW Microzone Series from ClearWater Tech is easy to install, requires no air prep, and provides superior ozone disinfection in a compact size. 
Category: New

CMP - DELTM UV-C 50 (Booth #2037)
CMP introduces the DEL™ UV-C 50 for pools. Break down chlorine-resistant organisms like Cryptosporidium at the DNA level with DEL systems from CMP. Booth #2037.
Category: New & Green

Color Match Pool Fittings - Vinyl Skimmer Beauty Kit (Booth #1357)
Make your skimmer match your drain cover with our Skimmer Beauty Kit. Includes faceplate, sleeve, and weir. Simply snap on each part, no glue needed.
Category: New

Controlomatic - SmarterSpa (Booth #1776)
SmarterSpa allows any spa to have salt chlorine generation—up to 30 grams per day.  Mount control box to spa skirt, add salt and place the electrode into the water – it’s that simple. 
Category: New & Green

Everblue - Everblue (Booth #2076)
Everblue is a new technology that gets rid of chemicals. Everblue is a special alloy that sends ultrafine vibrations when water passes through. This vibrations kill bacteria and algae, preventing and dissolving limescale and corrosion.
Category: New

Gecko Alliance - in.yj 3 control system for spas and hot tub (Booth #3343)
New Y series in.yj 3 control system for spas with boosted CPU, more memory and higher capacity relays, has the power it needs for what’s to come…
Category: New

H2Flow Controls - FlowStartTM (Booth #3325)
FlowStart is a revolutionary controller that allows for user-friendly control of your pool pumps and lights right from the convenience of your smartphone.
Category: New

Hayward Pool Products, Inc. - OmniHub (Booth #2823)
OmniHub - simple, affordable smart control for existing pools and spas. Compatible with most brands, it monitors and controls pumps, heaters, lights, salt systems and more.
Category: New

Hydro-Flux Aqua Products - FlowBright (Booth #1877)
FlowBright: Underwater LED pool light. Generates its own electricity; no need for add-ons.
Category: New & Green

Infiniti Building Products - Infiniti 36" Stainless Steel Hybrid Grill with Santa Maria (Booth #3164)
Our Infiniti 36" Stainless Steel Hybrid Grill with Santa Maria component set in our Infiniti Outdoor all aluminum European style cabinetry with upgraded zinc countertops.
Category: New

inSPAration, Inc. (Booth #2629)
Rejuvenate yourself to be complete in your "Spirit, Soul & Body" with an exhilarating Aromatherapy blend with NEW Anti-Aging Natural Botanical Extracts.
Category: New

Jack's Magic Products, Inc. - Exposure Magic (Booth #1828)
Exposure Magic is a revolutionary acid wash replacement for exposing new finishes - by Jack's Magic!
Category: New

Kokido Development Limited - Manga+ Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner (Booth #1422)
The Manga+ is an innovative and unique cordless robotic pool cleaner designed to clean your above-ground and in-ground pools with a flat bottom.
Catergoy: New

Kona Labs - LevelSmart Online (Booth #1360)
LevelSmart Wireless Autofill is now available through our LevelSmart App so you can monitor your pool water level and temperature no matter where you are in the world. You can see your temperature, level and even set leak alerts so that you always have the comfort of your pool and spa being full at all times. Pool Pros can now add more value to their customers with LevelSmart Online!
Category: New

LeakTronics - Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit and Accessory Mic (Booth #1462)
The Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit, manufactured and distributed by LeakTronics, includes all the equipment necessary to perform proper swimming pool leak detections.
Category: New & Green

Ledge Lounger - LedgeLayer (Booth #2957)
LedgeLayer is a UV protected, water resistant, closed cell foam integrated into select products from Ledge Lounger’s patio furniture collection. Ideal for heavy use furniture, LedgeLayer is a unique, durable alternative for traditional cushions. 
Category: New

Meridian Tile - Pool Bar Stool Top (Booth #1264)
Modular tile bar stool tops for in pool stools. Cuts installation time by 90% or more!
Category: New

Multitouch Leads - WebReviews (Booth #1222)
Capture Better Reviews! It’s true. MultiTouch makes it easy to increase positive reviewsor manage negative reviews on the sites that matter most.
Category: New

National Geographic Swim & ECO Watersports - Reef SPORT Glider Full Face Mask (Booth #2368)
New Reef SPORT Glider Full Face Mask is designed to fit the needs of the Industry, competitively priced, will convert into more sales and profit! 
Category: New

Natural Current - SunRay Above-Ground Powered Hybrid DC Pool Pump: $499 (Booth #1016)
SunRay Above-Ground Solar Powered Hybrid DC Pool Pump: $499 Most Sustainable Pool Pump in the World! PAYS FOR ITSELF then PAYS YOU!
Category: New & Green

NC Brands L.P. - CYA Removal Kit (Booth #2943)
Natural Chemistry’s CYA Removal Kit takes cyanuric acid out of pool water.  This 2-part system reduces stabilizer levels without draining or diluting pools.
Category: New

Outdoor Fire Concepts - Commercial Grade Electronic Ignition Systems with Marine Grade (316 Stainless Burners)
(Booth #3360)

Commercial Grade Electronic Ignition Systems with Marine Grade 316 Stainless Burners H-Bar, T-Bar, Spiral Burners. Commercial Grade Copper Cone Tiki Torches.
Category: New

Pentair - IntelliConnect Control & Monitoring System (Booth #2111)
Gives owners of simple pools convenience and control that delivers better water, less manual maintenance and lower operating costs—all through a user-friendly smart device app.
Category: New

Pool'N Brush (Booth #3540)
The Pool'N Brush is a long lasting rotating snap-on brush scrubber to fit on the end tail of a pool side cleaner, great cleaning action, and avoid spraying outside the pool.
Category: New & Green

PoolRx - PoolRx Mineral Technology (Booth #3346)
PoolRx eliminates and prevents algae, reduces chlorine demand and lasts up to 6 months!
Category: Green

PoolSmith Technologies - Organic pH (Booth #3533)
Our product is called Organic pH. It’s a patented system for controlling pH in residential pools. With our patented system, the use of liquid “ACID” will no longer be needed to control pH.
Category: New & Green

Pool Tiger - Pool Tiger (Booth #3641)
The Most Effective Water Purifier Available Today. Residential - Commercial, Kills Bacteria & Algae, Reduces Chemicals by up to 90%, Uses NO Electricity or Chemicals.
Category: New & Green

Pool Tiger - Spa Tiger (Booth #2366)
The Most Effective Water Purifier Available Today....Eliminates Stink! Kills Bacteria, Algae and Legionnaires, Reduces Chemicals by up to 90%, Uses NO Electricity or Chemicals.
Category: New & Green

Ramuc Pool Paint - Copy Spray Paint (Booth #2710)
Spray Paint for applying over pool coping.  White Gloss Finish.  12 oz. can. 
Category: New

Saftron - Triton Rails Series - TRTD-130-GG (Graphite Gray) 2 Anchor Socket Covers (Booth #1031)
Triton Rail Series - Designer Pool Hand Rail that requires NO Bonding/Grounding, Does not get Hot to the Touch, Does not fade, chip or rust, Low Maintenance. Impervious to Chemicals. 5 Year Warranty and 6 Standard Colors.
Category: New

SilkBalance - Water Care Kit (Booth #1931)
Welcome to Water Care Kit: Pre-Measured, Dissolvable SilkBalance Gems and Shock Gems & Clean Start Plumbing Cleaner.
Category: New & Green

SoftSkinSpa by Ideal Water Care - Nordic Hot Tub and SoftSkinSpa (Booth #2347)
Nordic Hot Tubs, introduces their NEW Nordic Star™ Jets, Nordic Cascade™ Waterfall and NEW Permawood™ Cabinet featuring sleek contemporary styling, contrasting insets and corner downlighting.
Category: New

Spazazz (Booth #2659)
Spazazz - Its more than a name, its THERAPY!
Category: New 

Stetson Development Inc - Pouralid Channel Drain (Booth #2270)
Easy to work with Pouralid Channel Drains are connectable and designed for stone or concrete to create removable matching masonry trays for surface water drainage.
Category: New

SweepEase AquaDynamic Pool Brush. So Easy its Almost Fun! - AlgeaZilla®  (Booth #3626)
AlgaeZilla® The Only algae remover in the world that uses Water to push the brush to the walls and floor applying 5-10 Pounds of pressure with every push.Now you can easily remove algae up to 50 feet away, with every thrust!. AlgaeZilla® a 10” 100% Stainless Steel Algae Brush.So Easy It’s Almost Fun!Comes with a 2 year Guarantee against any Mfg materials or defects.
Category: New & Green

Vacless Systems - AR300 (Booth #1861)
The automatic air relief safety valve provides immediate release of entrapped air inside a pool filter. Installing this valve in place of an existing pressure gauge or an existing manual air relief valve is strongly recommended. It is easily retrofitable to existing filters of commercial and residential pools, spas and hot tubs. Protects operators and equipment. Quick and easy installation by homeowners or pool professionals.
Category: New

Warming Trends - CFBO280 CROSSFIRE Brass Burner (Booth #3167)
Octagonal CROSSFIRE Brass Burners utilize cutting-edge jet technology to produce a taller, brighter, fuller flame, replicating a natural, dancing, wood burning fire - all while consuming less gas. 
Category: New

ZIPLEVEL / Technidea Corporation - ZIPLEVEL® PRO-2000 High Precision Altimeter (Booth #1563)
ZIPLEVEL® replaces rotary lasers as the world's fastest, easiest, most powerful, precise, bubble free level... 


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