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2022 Product Showcase

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WINNER: Best in Show - Equipment Pad

The Attendant

Product: The Attendant
Company:  Poolside Tech 

A pool automation system designed to improve all aspects of the pool ownership experience.  Outsell your competition by offering innovative features that speak to a homeowner's needs.  The Attendant continually monitors pool equipment, regardless of the manufacturer, as well as water quality and temperature, to determine the most energy-efficient way to have the pool ready when the homeowner wants to use it. Providing a modern interface and applied intelligence to elevate the customer experience.

WINNER: Best in Show - Outdoor Living

Regal ideas CrystalRail

Product:  Regal Ideas CrystalRail
Company:  Regal Ideas

Spend your summer evenings relaxing outside with the calming ambiance of Regal ideas. Whether its the tranquil Regal LED lighting system or the breathtaking clarity of CrystalRail, your deck and outdoor space will become your favorite place to relax.

Simply plug-and-play, with no hard wiring or splicing of cables required. The low-voltage, energy efficient system will create timeless moments all year round.

WINNER: Best in Show - Pool Construction

ZIPLEVELPRO-2000 High Precision Altimeter

Product: ZIPLEVELPRO-2000 High Precision Altimeter
Company: ZIPLEVEL / Technidea Corporation

The Revolutionary ZIPLEVEL® PRO-2000 Replaces Rotary Lasers as the World's Fastest, Easiest Level.

Now, you can unpack in two seconds, and truly work alone with paper-thin precision over unlimited ranges without line-of-sight, distance error, factory calibration or math and pack up in under five seconds. Uses: estimating, bidding, excavating, grading, tiling, coping, negative-edge, and drainage. Easy, Fast, Rugged, Powerful, Proven, and Made in the USA. Cut costs, boost profits, and join the measurement revolution.

WINNER: Best in Show - Service Industry

The Cyclone Filter Cleaning System

Product: The Cyclone Filter Cleaning System
Company: Cyclone Filter Tools

Have you ever struggled to clean your pool cartridge filter? If so you’re not alone, it’s a real pain to get it clean. The Cyclone is the ultimate filter cleaning solution. 

Key Benefits: It saves time and reduces strain on your back! Deep cleans in between filter pleats. Compact and convenient for transport and storage. Runs off water pressure from garden hose. Environmentally friendly - Extends the life of filter elements. Promotes more timely cleaning

WINNER: Best in Show - Spa Related

CCW25 AOP Spa Sanitation System

Product: CCW25 AOP Spa Sanitation System
Company: Clear Comfort 

Clear Comfort’s AOP now fits perfectly in all portable spas, swim spas and lifestyles. Powered by a patented Hydroxyl-Based AOP sanitation, the CCW25 delivers the easiest path to the best and healthiest spa and swim spa water. Designed for simplicity, the CCW25 delivers low-touch water care without toxic chemical handling after every use and 1-minute annual system maintenance.

The CCW25’s full-flow treatment minimizes chlorine, bromine and other toxic chemicals to healthier levels than drinking water. 

WINNER: Best New Product - Equipment Pad


Product: NiTek
Company: Raypak

Stop sacrificing durability for efficiency with our new AVIA HD models that utilize our exclusive, industry first technology, NiTek. NiTek Heat Exchanger Technology is Raypak’s latest solution to superior strength and maximum efficiency when it comes to residential pool heating.

With 900% more nickel compared to cupronickel in critical surfaces, NiTek creates an ideal surface to protect against scale formation and erosion resistance, without compromising on AVIA’s 84% thermal efficiency. Learn more at

WINNER: Best New Product - Outdoor Living

Game-Deck Mount

Product: Volleyball/Basketball Game-Deck Mount
Company: Ocean Blue Water Products/Midwest Canvas

Introducing the Ocean Blue Dunk and Spike 2-n-1 Basketball/Volleyball GameEverything you need for some friendly backyard competition. Set includes Volleyball net that expands up to 24' and a Pro-style Volleyball and Basketball with inflation needle.

Made in the USA with durable blow molded plastic. Getting sales to spike is a slam dunk with the Ocean Blue Water Products Dunk & Spike!

WINNER: Best New Product - Pool Construction


Product: CamerEye
Company: CamerEye

Smarter Construction monitoring, alarm inspection and pool safety is now available with CamerEye.

Unlike traditional monitoring cameras and outdated pool alarms, CamerEye is the most complete AI-camera safety system built for the pool industry to monitor, detect and alert on what matters most - both on jobsites and for customers' pool safety after construction is complete. Save time and money, improve job safety and quality control, reduce liability, and provide peace of mind with CamerEye.


WINNER: Best New Product - Service Industry


Product: PH-50
Company: Clearwater Pool Systems

Powered by CO2 injection, maintaining pH & Total Alkalinity has never been easier. No more suffering with the pH bounce that comes from weekly visits. You're using CO2 whether you realize it or not as acid + sodium bicarbonate = CO2.

pH Pure eliminates acid demand for lowering the pH and allows all sanitizers to be more effective.  HOCI (Hypochlorous Acid) is reduced from 66% active at 7.2 pH to 33% active at 7.8 pH 


WINNER: Best New Product - Spa Related

NBA Basketball Chlorine Dispenser 

Product: NBA Basketball Chlorine Dispenser 
Company: Poolmaster

For the basketball enthusiast in the family or for any NBA superfan, this licensed chlorine dispenser adds fun to any pool or spa surface while providing the functionality of dispensing chlorine. 

This custom-molded basketball with engraved logoman design and is made from all-weather polyethylene. The telescopic dispenser twists-off easily and holds up to 3" chlorine tablets. The adjustable chlorine-control ring helps you provide just the right amount of chlorine to be dispensed into the water


WINNER: Innovation in Decking


Product: Millboard 
Company: Millboard Distributed by Outlive

Introducing Millboard - the only composite that looks and feels like real wood, with more durability and longevity, and less maintenance. Each board is hand-molded from real oak to mimic the uniqueness of natural timber, but is engineered to offer unmatched performance.

The polymer resin construction does not deteriorate like natural wood, while the unique surface provides exceptional slip-resistance, even when wet, making it ideal for decks, docks, pathways and a variety of other applications.

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Get inspired and find new solutions to help you grow your business. The Product Showcases pavilion features some of the best products and services the industry offers and new technology that hit the market in the last year.

Categories are Best in Show and Best New Product, with sub-categories of:

  • Outdoor Living Product
  • Equipment Pad Product
  • Pool Construction Product
  • Service Industry Product
  • Spa Related Product

Best in Show - Equipment Pad

Chlorine Genie

Product:  Chlorine Genie
Company:  Chlorine Genie

No Chlorine?  No Problem!  The Chlorine Genie™ uses a patented technology that chlorinates a pool without adding industrial chemicals.  It even adjusts pH with a flip of the valve reducing the use of muriatic acid! 

Easy to install, easy use, easy to service & easier to clean than inline chlorine generators!  Stop dealing with chlorine shortages and paying for fuel to deliver chemicals. Discover why pool professionals are choosing this product over traditional chlorine generators.


Four Seasons Pool Heater - Radiant Thermal Water Heater System

Product: Four Seasons Pool Heater - Radiant Thermal Water Heater System
Company:  Natural Current

Four Seasons Pool Heater - Radiant Thermal Water Heater System -  It is one of the biggest innovations in heating pool water since the discovery of fire! The only moving parts are H20 and electron-charged nanoparticles from AC or DC electricity inputs.

Four Seasons Water Heater heats all day long for free from the Sun (8+hours) with an optional grid-tie hybrid setup for night 24/7 heat generation and stabilization. Hot Water Rise 104°+ Max 130°




Best in Show - Service Industry

Ariel by Solar-Breeze

Product: Ariel by Solar-Breeze
Company: Pivot-Solar Breeze

Pivot how you clean pools!

Ariel by Solar-Breeze is a solar-powered pool skimming robot that intelligently navigates the surface of a swimming pool to skim off large and micro-sized debris. With an advanced solution like Ariel in your customer's pools, you'll spend less time at the pools you service, improve customer relations, and increase your bottom line.

Plus, pool owners will enjoy a constantly swim-ready and healthy pool, and lower energy bills.

Pool eXact® EZ Master Professional Test Kit

Product: Pool eXact® EZ Master Professional Test Kit
Company: Industrial Test Systems

The NSF/ANSI 50 L1 Certified Pool eXact® EZ photometer delivers 10 pool water parameters with lab-quality results! Most tests with the Pool eXact® EZ photometer use our patented eXact® Strips, a quick and easy reagent system for analysis.

Simply dip an eXact® Strip Micro into the water sample for 20 seconds using a simple back-and-forth motion, discard the strip, and read the results instantaneously!

3X17 Hyper Pole 

Product: 3X17 Hyper Pole 
Company: Ultimate Pool Tools 

The 3X17/HyperPole features an extended length of 206.5" (17 ft.) and a collapsed length of 82.25".

This product is made of three pure 3K Twill Carbon Fiber weave pole sections, a stainless-steel tool end HyperDrain/Fill fitting, mass air transfer hand grip, and two right angle compression speed clamps that allow for rapid length selection. 

- No predetermined set points of its extension - Reduces user fatigue while increasing productivity 

AutoFill 60

Product: AutoFill 60
Company: Ultimate Pool Tools 

For Miser pool autofills, constructed of 1.25 x .060 x 24" stainless steel. There are 4 holes located in the top of the tool to insert a screwdriver for tighten or loosening the autofill valve stem easily with minimal effort.

This tool is made out of durable 304 stainless steel. This tool makes it easy to install pool miser pool autofills or replace the auto fill o-rings quick and easy.

Best in Show - Spa Related

Pool & Spa Aqua Combs

Product: Pool & Spa Aqua Combs
Company: Aqua Comb / Mi-Way, Inc.

Aqua Combs come in 2 styles that clean spa, pool and hot tub cartridge filters in 3-5 minutes using less time and water. It attaches to a hose and the Aqua Comb combines a 3" wide powerful water spray with a comb that opens the filter pleats and cleans the side walls, allowing the water to remove all the
built-up debris.

Aqua Combs are 100% made in the USA!

Model A7D

Product: Model A7D
Company: Bullfrog Spas

With its reimagined A Series line, Bullfrog Spas introduces the all-new Model A7D. This premium dual-lounge spa is rich in features, including the JetPak Therapy System for personalized therapy, with new JetPaks for 2023.

Additional features include multi-functional auxiliary controls, Simplicity filtration, app connectivity, ergonomic headrests, push-button waterfall, and more, all in a stylish new design. The A7D offers an ideal seating layout for couples who prefer full-body therapy and appeals equally to families.

Best New Product - Equipment Pad


Product: BlueForce
Company: UltraPure Water Quality, LLC

Introducing BlueForce 

BlueForce O3-  Ozone Generators designed for performance, longevity and ease of maintenance. Available for pools up to 85,000 gallons. Featuring available lamp life numeric timer and lamp change in less than 5 minutes. BlueForce UV-  Our all new UV system for pools up to 40,000 gallons. Featuring integrated numeric lamp life timer and easy to change UV lamp. Remote power supply for peace of mind. Package together for AOP benefits and cost savings

SunRay Hybrid Solar Powered Pool Pump

Product: SunRay Hybrid Solar Powered Pool Pump
Company: Natural Current

The SunRay Hybrid Solar Pool Pump is, quite literally, the easiest way to make the biggest impact, both in your bank account and the environment. This revolutionary off-the-grid pump runs right off the power of the sun, helping you ditch your reliance on power companies and soak in all the unlimited rays that our beautiful star has to offer. The best part is you can circulate and filter your pool all day long for FREE!


Pipeline Filter

Product: Pipeline Filter
Company: AquaStar Pool Products

Pipeline Filters are designed with safety and performance in mind.  Our patented double-locking system allows you to safely open the lid, even under pressure.  They deliver top-tier hydraulic efficiency along with best-in-class filtration performance.  Capable of outperforming cartridge filters twice their size hydraulically and in cleanability.


Best New Product - Outdoor Living

OnDeck Waterproofing

Product: OnDeck Waterproofing
Company: OnDeck Waterproofing

The OnDeck system is the world's most simple wearable surface waterproofing. Our elegant, cementitious system, backed by the science of Basecrete, can be applied horizontally and vertically on decks, patios, parking garages and much more, providing flexible and waterproof finishes.

It can be applied with roller, trowel, hopper gun, or squeegee and can be finished textured or smooth from feathered edge up to 2" lifts. 10 colors. Miami/Dade certified NOA. Balcony and rooftop certified.

SPAX Composite Deck Screws

Product: SPAX Composite Deck Screws
Company: SPAX 

When it comes to composite decking fasteners, SPAX’s engineered composite deck screws promise not only exceptional holding power but a picture-perfect finish in seven colors. Our color-match composite deck screws offer a host of other features as well that will save you time and provide your clients a deck of enduring structural integrity and beauty.

SPAX composite decking screws also feature the ideal fastener length for use with standard 1" and 2" nominal thickness boards.

It can be applied with roller, trowel, hopper gun, or squeegee and can be finished textured or smooth from feathered edge up to 2" lifts. 10 colors. Miami/Dade certified NOA. Balcony and rooftop certified.

EdgeMate Pool Chair

Product: EdgeMate Pool Chair
Company: EdgeMate Pool Chair

The one-of-a-kind EdgeMate Pool Chair takes the in-pool seating experience to a whole new level. Inspired by people with disabilities, EdgeMate is intended for all, literally, having been designed and tested to hold swimmers of any size.

EdgeMate is compatible with most in-ground pools and offers not only comfort and stability, but the convenience of being in the water, while staying close to those must-haves outside it. Relax . . . you’re in an EdgeMate.

Code-Compliant Structural Screws

Product: Code-Compliant Structural Screws
Company: CAMO

CAMO® introduces a full line of high-performing, code-compliant structural screws for deck, framing, and general construction needs. The screws are engineered to start fast, drive smooth, and hold strong. They are IBC and IRC code-compliant, third-party tested, and certified by DrJ.

They have published technical evaluation reports for general screw properties and specific applications. Screws feature our industry-leading PROTECH Ultra 4 coating that provides ultimate corrosion protection, tested 2X longer than the industry standard.


Product: FS-1
Company: Poly-Planar

Waterproof Pool floating speakerthat fills the backyard by usingthe pool water to amplify thesound

Wireless Bluetooth streamingwith built-in Wi-Fi for multiplespeaker connection

Induction charging (cableincluded)

Great add-on or way to say Thankyou to your new customers

Great price point at only $349.95 Retail

MYLO - the world’s first virtual lifeguard for residential pools

Product: MYLO - the world’s first virtual lifeguard for residential pools
Company: Coral Smart Pool

Meet MYLO, the world’s first virtual lifeguard for residential pools. This latest innovation to the pool industry gives peace of mind to pool owners with its 24/7 Smart Pool AI Monitoring Technology. 

Features a patented Underwater Computer Detection Camera that provides a real-time video of the pool with advanced AI 24/7 monitoring to notify and alert BOTH on pool entrance and also drownings incidents. MYLO is THE best solution for pool protection on the market! 

Bluetooth Controlled Battery Powered Electronic Ignition System

Product: Bluetooth Controlled Battery Powered Electronic Ignition System
Company: Outdoor Fire Concepts

Bluetooth Controlled Battery Powered Electronic Ignition System.  Can be used with Natural Gas or Propane and can supply a maximum of 290,000 Btu/hr.  Powered by 3AA Batteries housed in a Waterproof Battery Pack. Bluetooth range (line of site) 100' +/-

Volt Leaf Vac Recharge

Product: Volt Leaf Vac Recharge
Company: Water Tech

Cordless and hoseless, with versatile top-side and bottom skimming, the Volt Leaf Vac Recharge features the same Water Tech quality pool owners can rely on, now enhanced with new technology for increased convenience and functionality.

It has been outfitted with a waterproof, rechargeable lithium-ion battery and well as a smart water sensor that detects when the unit is in or out of water, automatically turning it on and off to save battery power and time. 

Best New Product - Pool Construction

Tear Away Plumb Strip

Product: Tear Away Plumb Strip
Company: Stegmeier LLC

Tear Away Plumb Strip are PVC corners strips used to square the top edge of a fiberglass pool (one piece) in preparation for setting a Cantilever Form.

Tear Away Plumb Strips are installed using double faced tape and self-tapping screws. Once the concrete is poured and the form is removed you can easily grab the exposed PVC below the concrete bend out away from the pool wall and tear away the PVC strip.



Graphene Nano-Tech

Product: Graphene Nano-Tech
Company: Aqua Technics Pools

Graphene Nano-Tech is a revolutionary process infusing graphene into every Aqua Technics pool. Graphene is the strongest material known to man and we have incorporated this nano-material to create our strongest pool ever built. With high-performing flexural strength, the pool is lighter, stronger and built like no other pool  before. 

This ground-breaking, patent-pending manufacturing process is the next generation of fiberglass pool technology.



Door/Window Alarm

Product: Door/Window Alarm
Company: The Pool Fence Warehouse

New to market is the A Safe Pool door and window alarm. This device is required for code in many jurisdictions across the country to pass final inspection.

It is the only door alarm on the market that illuminates as well as sounds an audible alarm. The light stays on permanently when the battery is at 20% or less capacity to let you know it's time for a new battery so the unit doesn't fail.



LevelSmart Wireless Autofill Online

Product: LevelSmart Wireless Autofill Online
Company: Kona Labs 

The LevelSmart™ Wireless Autofill is the most dependable autofill solution for your pool, spa, pond, tank, or water feature. LevelSmart is a simple retrofit for any application. The American made quality ensures that it is the most reliable autofill on the market.

Eliminate the chore of filling your pool manually and let the LevelSmart™ Wireless Autofill maintain your desired water level.1,000 feet of wireless communicationSimple retrofit installationMaintains desired water levelOver-fill protection


EZ Install Modular Tabletop

Product: EZ Install Modular Tabletop
Company: Meridian Tile

The LevelSmart™ Wireless Autofill is the most dependable autofill solution for your pool, spa, pond, tank, or water feature. LevelSmart is a simple retrofit for any application. The American made quality ensures that it is the most reliable autofill on the market.

Eliminate the chore of filling your pool manually and let the LevelSmart™ Wireless Autofill maintain your desired water level.1,000 feet of wireless communicationSimple retrofit installationMaintains desired water levelOver-fill protection


Best New Product - Service Industry


Product: MiracleBalls
Company: Fibalon GmbH

German made & proven successfully 8 years in Europe. Hi Tech alternative to standard filter cartridges, DE & sand. Lasts longer, cleans easier, saves time, money & water.   

With the environment in mind, made from normal pop bottles and completely recyclable. 


Retro R10

Product: Retro R10
Company: Spa Electrics Inc

The Spa Electrics Retro R10 is a low-voltage LED retrofit pool light, designed to replace existing 10” pool lights in both temperate and cold climates. Its innovative patent-pending universal CAM-LOCK system and UL-listed, quick-connect power plug significantly reduces installation time and effort by removing the need to replace the power cable, and in turn maintenance costs.



Hyper Clip 

Product: Hyper Clip 
Company: Ultimate Pool Tools

The Hyperclip features as a replacement clip for pool and spa vacuums, brushes, leaf rakes/ nets, and power vac's. The Hyper clips are made out of 316 stainless steel. The Hyperclip comes in quantities of 3 per package. 
Product features:

  • 316 Stainless Spring Steel 
  • Corrosion resistance 
  • Solid buttons 



Best New Product - Spa Related

AVONITE Flex in Pure Ebony 8702

Product: AVONITE Flex in Pure Ebony 8702 
Company: Aristech Surfaces. Now Part of Trinseo.

AVONITE Flex is a patent-pending surface formulation that combines the luxurious look and feel of matte stone with the functionality of thermoformable resin. The result? An innovative material, ideal for hot tub and swim spa liners. In addition to Pure Alabaster 8701 and Alabaster Wave 8705, we now introduce Pure Ebony 8702.

Modern and unique, this rich black is one of the latest bold trends for premium finishes in hot tub applications.


Misting Counter Display Kit w/Black Coconut Sands

Product: Misting Counter Display Kit w/Black Coconut Sands
Company: inSPAration, Inc.

Mask those unwanted chlorine and chemical odors in your store while presenting your inSPAration in an Elegant way with our new Black Coconut Sands Aromatherapy! This Display Holds 6 Bottles of Aromatherapy Liquids, a case of 36 Pillow Packets and an inSPAration Misting Diffuser. Only takes up to 1sq. ft. of counter space to maximize productivity.


Spazazz Rx Therapy & Spa Lab Infused with CBD Crystals

Product: Spazazz Rx Therapy & Spa Lab Infused with CBD Crystals
Company: Spazazz

Come by and grab a sample of our new Spazazz Rx Therapy & Spazazz Spa Lab Infused with CBD Crystals aromatherapy spa experience.


The Spa Dragon

Product: The Spa Dragon
Company: The Spa Dragon

The Spa Dragon is a back up heating and early warning system in the event your hot tub or swimspa malfunctions during winter that will help prevent freeze damage and notify you it has been activated. 

The Spa Dragon also lets spa owners change their water regardless of outside temperatures and allows for delivery of hot tubs and swimspas in cold weather.