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Based on a culture of connection, thousands of pool and spa professionals have transformed their business, expanded their knowledge, and forged strong peer connections throughout the U.S. and abroad through the GENESIS® program.

The focus of the curriculum, which is approved and validated through IACET*, is based on business, construction, design, and engineering. With over 100 courses and dedicated pathways based on your job functions, GENESIS® ensures that you are developing your skills and knowledge as a professional.  

Our class sizes are designed to allow for hands-on and one-on-one time with the instructor to ensure each student has a rich learning experience. Our faculty members are committed to the success of every student, in and out of the classroom.  

Through classwork and social events, we offer a platform for students to network with the very best organizations and people in the industry, expand their peer group, and share information on sound business practices. 

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