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Exhibiting in the right trade-only event, like Int'l Pool I Spa I Patio Expo, is the most cost-effective and economical decision of your marketing efforts, connecting you face-to-face with thousands of key pool, spa and backyard professionals at one time, in one place.  Whether your goals are to take advantage of the growing marketplace by reaching deeper into your current customer base or expanding your brand by finding new markets, introduce a new product or re-brand an existing product, the Int'l Pool I Spa I Patio Expo puts you in front of the right audience. 

Why Tradeshow Marketing? Read these articles ...

In this era of technological interactions, where we’re more accustomed to texting than talking, we may be discounting the importance of “old fashioned” face-to-face meetings.

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Technology, especially the explosion of social media, has changed the way we interact with customers and share information. It is possible– and in many cases, common — to initiate and maintain a business relationship without ever speaking to a customer in person, or even on the phone. It may be “easier” and “faster” to build a virtual relationship, but is it better?

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In business, you really need to know how to work smart. As a smart marketer, you need to be able to marry both types of communication in your growth strategy as I have. Here are some techniques that can help you leverage technology and social media to extend the conversation before, during and after an event.

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“Watering plants keeps them alive, but rain really makes them grow. I think face-to-face communication is like the rain. It really makes relationships flourish with its multiple forms of communication. Electronic communication focuses simply on the verbal message, which may keep relationships alive, but does not expand them.”

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