Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) Education

The Pool and Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) is proud to present PHTA courses as part of the pre-conference education held at the PSP Expo each year. PHTA serves as a central clearinghouse for education and training programs developed, sponsored and accredited by PHTA.

Below is a list of the pre-conference education offered through PHTA at the PSP Expo 2020. 


PHTA Service Technician Course | CST

Sunday – Tuesday, Nov. 8 – 10

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify pool finish problems and solutions.
  • Review best circulation practices.
  • Examine filtration, hydraulics, and electrical functions.
  • Learn more.

PHTA Maintenance Specialist | CMS

Sunday – Tuesday, Nov. 8 – 10

Learning Outcomes:

  • Review safety and health protocols, including chemical and electrical safety, drowning and accident prevention, and environmental conditions. 
  • Calculate proper pool mathematics. 
  • Examine electrical components, heaters, filtration, chemical feeders, and control systems. 
  • Analyze proper maintenance planning.
  • Learn more.

PHTA & ICC Present the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code | ISPS

Monday, Nov. 9

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Review code definitions.
  • Examine ICC/ASPS/ANSI Standards within the code.
  • Examine entrapment; TDH; sanitation; disposal; storage.
  • Review heaters, pumps, filtration.
  • Identify hydraulic design and data requirements for permit approval
  • Calculate TDH.
  • Learn more.

Pool & Spa Operator® (CPO®) Certification

Monday – Tuesday, Nov. 9 - 10

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify code requirements.
  • Understand inspection, operation, and maintenance procedures.
  • Recognize components of a circulation system.
  • Understand the purpose of the VGB Act. 
  • Identify spa regulations. 
  • Understand recreational water illness treatment and prevention. 
  • Identify the cause and treatment of water problems.
  • Recognize the unique qualities and care of aquatic play features.
  • Learn more.

PHTA Hot Tub Technician | CHTT

Monday – Tuesday, Nov. 9 – 10

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Review basic safety considerations for tools used on the job.
  • Explain the concept of volts, amps, ohms, and conductors. 
  • Describe circulation system components and hot tub plumbing configurations. 
  • Identify key factors in potential pump motor replacement. 
  • Identify major functions of components of the control unit.
  • Learn more.

How to Take Your Exam

Exam fees are included in your registration. A proctored, on-site computer testing location will be provided at the Expo to take your examination.