Call for Presentations Has Concluded

Thank you for your interest in submitting a topic for PSP/Deck Expo 2021. The call for presentations is now closed for 2021.

Share your knowledge with the industry. The PSP/Deck Expo will soon be accepting presentations for consideration from educators, consultants, and specialists. As a presenter at the industry’s #1 choice for collaboration and education, you’ll be a prominent voice in discussions that move the industry forward.

Special consideration is given to the most innovative, dynamic, and tactful presentations. Your submission should be thoughtful and complete. Sessions will be carefully vetted through an advisory panel comprised of industry veterans and experts to ensure PSP/Deck Expo continues to be the industry's choice for education.

Topics Attendees Request Are:


  • Detailed examples of pool failures and how to overcome them


  • Advanced construction techniques of outdoor living design
    Example: fireplace construction
  • The layout of design elements
  • Pool design concepts


  • Options for fasteners, fastener locations on a ledger, and fastener spacing
  • Marketing your business: using social media to drive leads and how to take the best photos and videos
  • Latest trends in manufacturing
  • Sourcing smart technologies (i.e., lights powered by a smart phone) and how to install them
  • Hiring the best people
  • How to ensure your company is turning a profit

General Business

  • Peer to peer discussion groups discussing best practices
  • Startups       
  • Store owner classes
  • Dealing with problematic customers
  • Project management
  • Employee retention and how to get good people
  • Overtime laws/compliance
  • How to get and utilize digital analytics (internet, Facebook. Etc.)
  • Marketing plans - budgets

Money Matters/Sales

  • Selling your pool and spa business
  • Job costing, competitive pricing


  • Retail merchandising, employee training, and customer service
  • Ruthless, actionable sales information with measured data points


  • Understanding basic pool electric, bonding, current flow, etc.
  • Advanced automation and advanced water treatment
  • Water testing
  • Pool environmental impacts/water regulations
  • Waterborne disease controls
  • Start-up a pool maintenance company
  • Maintenance, chlorine generators, new products.
  • Different pool tools.


For more information or questions about Call for Presentations, please contact the show conference team for assistance.
Brandi McElhaney: [email protected]


A Note to Exhibitors  

Companies wanting to submit a presentation for consideration must be participating as an exhibitor in the 2021 PSP/Deck Expo. To exhibit in the show, contact [email protected].