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Connect with thousands of decision makers in our industry and drive your business forward

At the PSP/Deck Expo, industry professionals and  manufacturers will join together for education, networking, and new innovations.

Whether you're looking to go to market with your new product or expand your existing foothold, this is the only event in North America that truly captures the international pool, spa, and outdoor living buying audience. You'll meet buyers from all regions of the United States and the world.

PSP/Deck Expo will be in Dallas, Texas from Nov. 12-14, 2024

The entire event runs November 9-14, with
the Education from November 9-14 and
the Expo from November 12-14.

Annual Sales Volume

Markets served

Role in Purchasing Decisions

Primary Business Type

Annual Sales Volume

Markets served

Primary Business Type

Role in Purchasing Decisions

What do manufacturers from last year's event say?

“Great chance to meet new customers and other similar brands." - 2022 exhibitor
“This is our main show that we always attend. I think it is always the best show to attend due to size, attendees, and location.” - 2022 exhibitor
“It's a great show to get the pulse on the industry and talk to a diverse group of pool professionals.” - 2022 exhibitor
“Great opportunity to connect with other industry vendors and consumers." - 2022 exhibitor
"The International Pool Spa Patio Expo is a can't-miss event for us each year as an exhibitor. The quality of the venues, show production and attendees is unmatched. This show allows us to display our brand to the industry's key decision-makers, year after year, with resounding results." - 2022 exhibitor
“The PSP/Deck Expo gets better and better every year, it's always a great opportunity to connect with current customers and prospective clients!" - 2022 exhibitor
“I had lots of great conversations during the expo." - 2022 exhibitor
“Good show; a little more draw than the regional shows." - 2022 exhibitor

More than a regional event

The PSP/Deck Expo hosts attendees from all 50 states (and more than 60 countries)!

Discover what your competition already knows. PSP/Deck Expo is the place to grow their business and capture the attention of new customers, plus strengthen their relationships with current customers.

Get face to face with the executives who approve purchases.

2022 - Attendance by Geography

Meet the Team

Contact us today to exhibit in the most important industry event of the year and the ONLY event to offer you more of what you need for your business and more than any other regional event.

Donovan Shanahan

Accounts A-K
[email protected]

Amy Scott 

Accounts L-Z
[email protected]

Tami Svarfvar

Business Development Manager 
[email protected]

Steve Schlange 

Sales Manager
[email protected]