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2023 Innovative Product Showcase and Awards Program

Introducing the Innovative Product Showcase and Awards Program, powered by PSP/Deck Expo.

We have developed the most comprehensive awards program in the industry, dedicated to recognizing excellence and groundbreaking solutions.

See the Nominees:


Product: CCW100 Dual AOP System
Company:  Clear Comfort 

Powered by an awarded and patented Hydroxyl-Based AOP, the Dual CCW100 AOP supplemental sanitation system gives small commercial pools, spas and splash pads the easiest path to the best, freshest and healthiest water and air quality – all while reducing chemical use, chloramines and related costs.


Product: LevelSmart Wireless Autofill
Company:  H2flow Controls, Inc

LevelSmart™ eliminates the chore of filling your pool manually and the risk of over-filling it. With 24-hour-per-day wirelessmonitoring, LevelSmart™ automatically maintains the water level of your pool, spa, pond, water feature, or tank.


Product: Moasure ONE
Company:  Moasure

Moasure's revolutionary measuring device is transforming a host of industries with its ability to measure complex andirregular spaces simply by moving from one point to another, capturing and measuring changes in elevation whilesimultaneously drawing a diagram of the measured space.


Product: PhosLocker
Company:  PhosLocker

PhosLocker is the clear choice in phosphate removal! Each ready-to-use pouch gives 30 days of continuous phosphateremoval from your pool, without the clouding that is typical of liquid phosphate removers. Just place the pouch in yourskimmer basket, and let PhosLocker get to work!

Industry professionals will vote on products and services that are entered into the program.

Voting will open November 9 and will close on December 4 and include three days of on-site voting at PSP/Deck Expo 2023. 

Industry professionals will  vote for the most innovative items within four product categories: 

  • Most Innovative Products for Service Professionals
  • Most Innovative Products for Pool and Backyard Construction Professionals
  • Most Innovative Products for Retailers
  • Most Innovative Deck or Patio Products

There Are Two Award Categories:

People's Choice Award:

One winner will be selected per category based on industry votes.

Winners will be selected based on the most valid votes received through the IPSA program online awards platform during the voting period.

Expert's Choice Award:
A panel of industry experts will select winners.

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How To Enter

1. Contact your account executive to learn more about the program and to sign up.

2. Pay the required entry fee.

3. Submit your product or service through the entry form provided.

Donovan Shanahan

Account Executive, A-K
[email protected]

Amy Scott 

Senior Account Executive, L-Z 
[email protected]

Tami Svarfvar

Business Development Manager 
[email protected]

Steve Schlange 

Sales Manager
[email protected]