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2023 Innovative Product Showcase and Awards Program

Introducing the Innovative Product Showcase and Awards Program, powered by PSP/Deck Expo.

We have developed the most comprehensive awards program in the industry, dedicated to recognizing excellence and groundbreaking solutions.

See the Winners for People's Choice:

Most Innovative Products for Pool and Backyard Construction Professionals


Product: The Shelf Lounger
Manufacturer: GPM Manufacturing

Poolside days are for entertainment, relaxing & enjoying the water. The Shelf Lounger's all-in-one tanning ledge with lounging chairs & spill-over edge showcases the perfect innovation for any pool. Min installation allows the poolside user to enjoy a 2ndbody of water rather than minimizing pool space.

Most Innovative Products for Service Professionals

Product: Filter Preaux System
Manufacturer: Filter Preaux

Introducing the revolutionary Filter Preaux System for cleaner and faster pool filter maintenance. Our private-label chemical treatment when combined with high-pressure water flow achieves sparking clean filters in as little as 30 seconds, more than doubling productivity and increasing profits!

Most Innovative Deck or Patio Products

Product: Accoya Color Grey
Manufacturer: Accoya

Accoya® Color Grey, made from FSC® certified softwood, is modified through acetylation and transformed into a building material that is highly durable, stable, non-toxic, recyclable, and 25-year warranty. Low maintenance, it is completely colored from the surface to the core with an organic pigment.

Most Innovative Products for Retailers

Product: Chill Springs All-In-One Cold Plunge
Manufacturer: GPM Manufacturing.

Chill Springs all-in-one cold plunge system is designed to be used by novice or advanced bathers. Made from stainless steel, a teak top, and aluminum surround, the 1.5 HP Chill Springs is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Plug-and-play, light weight, portable, stylish, and can be safely stored.

See the Winners for Expert's Choice:

Product: Aiper Surfer M1 Cordless Robotic Pool Skimmer
Manufacturer: Aiper Intelligent LLC

The world’s first solar-powered cordless pool skimmer with a mobile app. It offers up to 10 hours of efficient cleaning, choose between automatic cleaning or remote cleaning to pilot the device via the app to target debris. It also features anti-beaching columns that prevent it from getting stuck.

Judges' Notes:

"Solar is something that is evolving and every year getting better, but I have not seen any one of the big three players enter the solar market with
a successful cleaner or skimmer. This could be a very good product if the solar component works seamlessly."

"It’s wonderful that it has no cords, no hoses attached to it. I think it is a neat idea."

Product: Perma-Column® precast concrete deck posts
Manufacturer: Perma-Column LLC

Precast deck posts enable the fastest deck foundations. Combined with FootingPad® composite footings, precast deck posts eliminate the hassles of mixing and pouring concrete. Deck builders no longer wait for concrete trucks to arrive or for concrete to cure. Deck construction can begin immediately.

Judges' Notes:

"Perma-Column has an awesome approach. It has created a solution that is easier to use than the traditional way of pouring cement. It’s a time saver and a high-quality way to do it. And the column will never be affected by rot, mildew or freeze-thaw."

Product: The Shelf Lounger
Manufacturer: GPM Manufacturing

Poolside days are for entertainment, relaxing & enjoying the water. The Shelf Lounger's all-in-one tanning ledge with lounging chairs & spill-over edge showcases the perfect innovation for any pool. Min installation allows the poolside user to enjoy a 2ndbody of water rather than minimizing pool space.

Judges' Notes:

"The shelf lounger is a great option for renovations. It could be very popular with how hot the renovation market is now. It looks like it would be a great way to renovate without a huge additional expense of ripping into the structure. It’s creative, and it looks like it would be a much more cost-effective option for some clients as long if they have the deck and patio space."

Product: Water Tech Volt Leaf Vac Recharge
Manufacturer:  Water Tech Corp

The Water Tech Volt Leaf Vac Recharge is a cordless, hoseless, and fully rechargeable skimmer vacuum that captures both topside and bottom-dwelling leaves. No extension cords, hoses, or single-use batteries are needed and ehnahced with a SmartWater sensor that turns on and off automatically in water.

Judges' Notes:

"The industry is needing a good quality rechargeable skimmer vac that can handle leaves. This will be very beneficial to service professionals as well as pool owners. The main feature is that it is cordless, which is outstanding. There has not been another product on the market that can handle leaves."

See All of the Nominees:


Product: CCW100 Dual AOP System
Manufacturer: Clear Comfort 

Powered by an awarded and patented Hydroxyl-Based AOP, the Dual CCW100 AOP supplemental sanitation system gives small commercial pools, spas and splash pads the easiest path to the best, freshest and healthiest water and air quality – all while reducing chemical use, chloramines and related costs.


Product: ZIPLEVEL PRO-2000 High Precision Altimeter

The Revolutionary ZIPLEVEL® PRO-2000 High Precision Bubble-Free Altimeter lets you unpack in two seconds, and truly work alone with paper-thin precision over unlimited ranges w/o line-of-sight, distance error, factory calibration or math andpack up case free in under five seconds. Made in the USA.


Product: Aiper Seagull Pro Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner
Manufacturer: Aiper Intelligent LLC

The Seagull Pro includes WavePath™ Navigation Technology, the world's first powerful quad-motor system, and wall-climbing capabilities. With a run time of 3 hours and quick charge time of 90 minutes, it is equipped with three cleaning modes – floor cleaning, wall cleaning, and auto-mode.


Product: Aqua Technics Pools - Graphene Nano-Tech Fiberglass Pools
Manufacturer: Aqua Technics Pools

Discover Aqua Technics Pool's groundbreaking innovation: Graphene Nano-Tech. We've integrated graphene, the world's strongest material, into every pool, resulting in our strongest, lightweight pools with higher resistance. This patented technology redefines fiberglass pool construction.


Product: AquaCHILL by AquaComfort Solutions
Manufacturer: AquaComfort Water Group

AquaCHILL is the perfect cost-effective solution allowing your customer to appreciate and enjoy their refreshing pool more! Why not offer Cold Water Therapy or Polar Plunge options to your customer's spa or soaker pool. Come to booth 6533 to learn more from the AquaComfort Water Group team.


Product: B Squared Pools are made from 2" thick Polypropylene twin wall material
Manufacturer: B Squared Pools LLC

Unlike traditional pool materials such as steel, fiberglass, and concrete, Polypropylene does not chip, rust, rot, or decay. BSquared Pools can stand the test of time. Used in Europe for 20+ years this material provides you with a durable and reliablepool that lasts longer than traditional pools.


Product: Adjustable Depth Systems, Wake Surf Machines
Manufacturer: Elevate Pools

Experience the ultimate in family fun with our Adjustable Depth Pools and exhilarating Wake Surf Machines. Dive, play, relax, and ride the waves – all in the comfort of your own yard. Unleash the full potential of your outdoor space!


Product: RegalONE with Moasure
Manufacturer: Regal ideas in Partnership with Moasure

Transform the way you measure, design, and build. With Moasure's 3D measuring technology, measuring complex shapes, areas, and elevations are now done in seconds and with ease and accuracy. In minutes you have elevations, measurements, a material list, and a 3D drawing to present to the homeowner.


Product: SKIN Microplaster
Manufacturer: SKIN Microplaster

SKIN Microplaster: Elevating Construction with Cutting-Edge Micro-Ceramic Technology, Replacing Pool Plaster, and OfferingWearable Surface Waterproofing for Durability, Aesthetic Excellence, and Versatility on Various Surfaces, Including ICF, in BothWet and Dry Environments.

Product: LevelSmart Wireless Autofill
Manufacturer:  H2flow Controls, Inc

LevelSmart™ eliminates the chore of filling your pool manually and the risk of over-filling it. With 24-hour-per-day wireless monitoring, LevelSmart™ automatically maintains the water level of your pool, spa, pond, water feature, or tank.

Product: Moasure ONE
Manufacturer: Moasure

Moasure's revolutionary measuring device is transforming a host of industries with its ability to measure complex andirregular spaces simply by moving from one point to another, capturing and measuring changes in elevation whilesimultaneously drawing a diagram of the measured space.

Product: PhosLocker
Manufacturer: PhosLocker

PhosLocker is the clear choice in phosphate removal! Each ready-to-use pouch gives 30 days of continuous phosphate removal from your pool, without the clouding that is typical of liquid phosphate removers. Just place the pouch in your skimmer basket, and let PhosLocker get to work!

Product: Pro Pool Performance Package
Manufacturer: Advantage Manufacturing

The perfect bundle for Pool Service and Maintenance Pros - a Port-a-Vac 2.0, a Pool Service Cart 2.0, a Vac Kit, and a T-bar hitch and 2 cart hitches. Everything comes with No-mark wheels ready to mount on your truck. Giving great service requires the right people and the right service tools.

Product: The PoolCheck Xpress® 3 Test strip
Manufacturer: Industrial Test Systems, Inc.

The World's First Visual Strip with a Built-In Color Chart!

The PoolCheck Xpress® series introduces a unique feature that differentiates it from traditional test strips: a color chart printed directly on the strip just below the test pads. Put a strip in your pocket and go.

Product: Spa eXact® EZ Photometer
Manufacturer: Industrial Test Systems, Inc.

The NSF/ANSI 50 L1 Certified Spa eXact® EZ Photometer tests 7 important spa water parameters with lab quality results. All tests have been specifically calibrated for spa temperatures and use our patented eXact® Strips, a quick and easy reagent system for analysis.

Product: Trex Signature Decking
Manufacturer: Trex Company

Trex Signature® pioneers a whole new level of aesthetic authenticity for composite decking. This luxury product offers the high performance, easy maintenance, and sustainability of WPC with a proprietary shell formulation that delivers the most realistic representation of wood attained to date.

Product: Simpson Strong-Tie® Outdoor Accents® Decorative Hardware
Manufacturer: Simpson Strong-Tie

A complete line of connectors and fasteners that makes it easy to build strong, safe, and beautiful outdoor structures. The connectors are available in two design styles and a wide range of sizes.

Product: DesignRail® Modern
Manufacturer: Feeney, Inc

Bottoms up for a sleek new railing solution from Feeney®, featuring pre-drilled posts for CableRail with no bottom rail to enhance your view. Top-of-the-line features also include an optional Drink Rail Adapter available for your railing to create the perfect perch for your beverage.

Product: A Series by Bullfrog Spas
Manufacturer: Bullfrog Spas

The all-new A Series by Bullfrog Spas takes the spa experience to another level with updated designs, improved ergonomics, and the most thoughtful feature set in premium spas. Key features include our patented JetPak Therapy System®, space-saving Simplicity® filtration, and more.

Product: FROG® @ease® Sanitizing System for Swim Spas
Manufacturer: King Technology, Inc. 

Introducing FROG® @ease® Sanitizing System for Swim Spas - the First Complete Solution for Swim Spas-Creates Fresh Mineral Water®-Kills bacteria 2 ways-Uses up to 75% less chlorine*-Self-regulates-Shock only once a month

*Compared to the minimum ANSI recommended chlorine level of 2.0 for a swim spa

Product: Top-Up Turtle
Manufacturer: Jobe Valves

Top-Up Turtle is an automatic pool-level refill valve. Top-Up Turtle is placed on the pool edge and connected to a garden hose water supply to refill pool to the designated water level due to evaporation and pool play.

Product: Mini Bucket Test
Manufacturer:  009 Ideas, Inc.

Your FIRST STEP if you suspect a pool leak.
Everyone uses the old "Bucket Test" to check for a leak.
We just made it EASIER!
It's the Simplest Pool Leak Detector on Earth!

Product: SPAZAZZ
Manufacturer: Spazazz

Shocking News
Spazazz is ecstatic to launch its 1st Spa Shock + Aromatherapy in 3 amazing fragrances. Follow with your favorite Spazazz Spa Crystal OR Transport your Mind, Body & Soul with the release of Spazazz Full Body Hemp Soak. Reset-Ignite-Unwind-Release. Available Worldwide. Enjoy.  Love Peace Spazazz

Product: Solstice 122 by Celtic Hot Tubs
Manufacturer: GPM Manufacturing.

The Solstice 122 is a soothing HDPE plug-and-play hot tub. State-of-the-art features include 22 triskelion & turbo boost whirlpool jets, LED lighting, C.D ozone w/ mixing chamber, energy efficient insulation, large footwell & durable cabinetry. Plug it in, fill it up & indulge in affordable luxury

Product: Pool & Spa Refresh by inSPAration
Manufacturer: inSPAration, Inc.

Indulge in pure luxury with Pool & Spa Refresh by inSPAration! pH Neutral formula ensures compatibility with all sanitization systems. The added Aroma transforms your pool and spa into a paradise of relaxation. Say goodbye to dry skin and chemical odors and hello to soft, moisturized bliss.

Industry professionals will vote on products and services that are entered into the program.

Industry professionals will vote for the most innovative items within four product categories: 

  • Most Innovative Products for Service Professionals
  • Most Innovative Products for Pool and Backyard Construction Professionals
  • Most Innovative Products for Retailers
  • Most Innovative Deck or Patio Products

Innovative Product Showcase and Awards Program | Publication Sponsor

There Are Two Award Categories:

People's Choice Award:

One winner will be selected per category based on industry votes.

Winners will be selected based on the most valid votes received through the IPSA program online awards platform during the voting period.

Expert's Choice Award:
A panel of industry experts will select winners.