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Industry Updates

Leads Are Precious. Here's How You're Probably Mishandling Yours.

Lead costs continue to escalate. As such, it is important to utilize “lower cost” lead sources while simultaneously using your leads more efficiently. Whether you are aware of it or not, you and/or your personnel may be mishandling leads.

Not Treating Field-Treat Lumber Cuts on Decks? Here's Why It's Time to Start.

If you're not field-treating lumber cuts then you're likely building decks and outdoor structures west of the Rockies.  If you are you're likely building to the east. Here's why field-treating is important for everyone. 

Got Subs? You Need to Protect Yourself from Legal and Financial Jeopardy

As pool pros head into a new year with a new administration in Washington, legal experts are warning that employers need to shore up any lax policies that may be misclassifying employees as independent contractors. Such misclassifications can lead to devastating fines, penalties and back pay. 

Supercharge Sales and Marketing in 2021 By Overcoming These 5 Challenges

These challenges could have a detrimental effect on your profitability in 2021. It is imperative that you are not only aware of their impact, but develop action plans for overcoming them.

Business Leaders: Improve Employee Connections With These 3 Steps

If your team perceives that, somehow, you're in the cozy executive suite while they're out doing the hard work of the organization, that represents a disconnect and a cost. Here's how to fix both.

4 Key Reasons to Give Back to Your Community

What’s good for your community and your industry can be very good for your business, too. Want to get in on the action? Here are some ways volunteer initiatives help pool, spa and hot tub businesses thrive. 

Why You Need to Ask Yourself Lou Holtz’s 3 Rules and 4 Questions

Legendary football coach Lou Holtz's unique philosophy on life includes three rules and four questions that are surprisingly pertinent to business leaders. Here's why.

Expand Industry Connections with New PSP/Deck Expo Newsletter

With business booming, pool, spa and patio pros need ways to exchange ideas, explore new products and business practices and generally connect more than ever. That’s why we launched the all-new PSP/Deck Expo enewsletter.

The first-ever PSP/Deck Expo – Virtual Edition connected industry leaders and influencers

The 2021 season kicked off via the industry’s premier event