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Pool Nation Boot Camp

Introducing the Pool Nation® Boot Camp, an exceptional educational program that's part of the Pool Man University initiative. 

Specifically designed for pool professionals, our program goes beyond conventional education, encompassing all the crucial aspects necessary for success in the pool business.

In registration, check under "Speciality Education," then select the Pool Nation Boot Camp.

Our distinctive approach combines classic classroom instruction with hands-on practical training, providing an integrated learning experience that is unparalleled in the industry. At the Pool Nation® Boot Camp, we are committed to shaping well-rounded pool professionals who possess not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills they can apply in real-world situations.

Whether you're a novice looking to enter the pool industry or a seasoned professional seeking to upgrade your skills, the Pool Nation®
Boot Camp offers a comprehensive, practical, and immersive education experience that is instrumental in carving a successful path in the pool industry. Prepare to immerse yourself in an ocean of knowledge and expertise - sign up today!

Attendees of the inaugural Pool Nation® Boot Camp will be registered for all of the Sunday Hands-on Classes and the Monday Classroom Style Classes. Students will rotate through the four Hands-On Classes on Sunday, and also rotate through the Classroom-Style classes on Monday.

How to register: In registration, check under "Speciality Education," then select the Pool Nation Boot Camp.

Sunday, November 12 - Hands-On Classes


Dive into the practical realm of pool maintenance with our hands-on Pool Pump Installation, Programming, and Repair Workshop. Prepare yourself for a complete immersion into the world of AquaStar pool pumps, as you will learn by doing. 

This intensive workshop is designed to empower pool pros, pool maintenance professionals, or those interested in the field with the practical knowledge and skills to handle pool pump systems effectively and confidently. You'll roll up your sleeves and engage in real-life scenarios, working with actual equipment to fully understand the installation, programming, and repair processes of variable pool pumps. You will cut wires and strip wires, cut conduit, and learn to connect to automations, and time clocks. Just like you would out in the field.

 Our seasoned instructors, Steve Barnes, Todd Pieri, and Bryan Chrissan, who are industry veterans with years of experience, will guide you through every step of the process. From understanding the fundamental principles of hydraulics to mastering diagnostic and repair techniques, you'll experience it all firsthand. 

Here's a glimpse into what you'll learn:

  • Pool Pump Basics: Understand the various types of pool pumps and their components, their functions, and how they fit into each pool setup.
  • Installation: Learn the A-Z of pool pump installation, assembly, connections, and testing.
  • Programming: Get hands-on experience programming electronic and connecting pool pumps for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting: Learn the common problems pool pumps may encounter and how to diagnose them accurately. Understand how preventive maintenance can save time and resources.
  • Repair: Gain practical skills in replacing worn-out parts, fixing leaks, repairing seals, and more. 

We emphasize safety in all our instructions, ensuring you have the knowledge to perform all tasks in a safe and secure manner.  

Upon completion of the workshop, you will not only be able to install, program, and repair a pool pump but also understand the reasons behind every step of the process.



Instructor: David Jones, Hayward Pool Products

Course Overview:
Immerse yourself in a comprehensive, hands-on training course that will take you from novice to expert in pool automation system installation, programming, and repair. Our interactive approach will help you understand the nuances of pool automation systems, giving you the practical skills you need to install, program, and troubleshoot these systems effectively.

Course Structure:

Module 1: Introduction to Pool Automation Systems
Kick off your learning experience with an in-depth introduction to pool automation systems. This includes understanding the various components, types of systems, and their benefits.

Module 2: Equipment Installation
Don't just read about installation, do it! Here, you'll practice installing different types of pool automation systems, starting from the basics and gradually handling more complex setups. 

Module 3: Programming Pool Automation Systems
You'll get hands-on experience programming pool automation systems to control everything from pool temperature to lighting and water features. You will also learn how to customize these programs to meet the unique needs of various clients.

Module 4: Troubleshooting and Repair
Learn how to diagnose and fix common problems that arise with pool automation systems. You'll simulate different scenarios, ensuring you're equipped with a robust toolkit of solutions for any issue that comes your way.

Module 5: Real-World Scenarios
In the final module, you'll be presented with various real-world scenarios where you'll use the knowledge and skills acquired from previous modules. This culminates in a capstone project where you'll install, program, and repair a pool automation system from scratch.

Key Features: 

  • Fully Hands-On: Our course is designed around a hands-on approach, offering you the opportunity to interact directly with actual pool automation equipment.
  • Experienced Instructors: Learn from experienced professionals in the industry, who bring years of practical experience into the classroom. 
  • Practical Assessments: Test your skills through practical assessments and real-world scenarios, ensuring you're ready to hit the ground running after the course.
  • Smaller Class Sizes: With our smaller class sizes, you'll get personalized attention to help you grasp concepts and techniques.  

Course Materials:
All necessary equipment and course materials will be provided.  

Who Should Attend:
This course is suitable for individuals interested in becoming professional pool technicians, who want to understand their pool systems better, and anyone with a general interest in pool automation technology. 

There are no specific prerequisites for this course, but a basic understanding of electrical systems can be helpful.  

This practical workshop will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to excel in the pool automation industry. 

Instructor: David Jones, Hayward Pool Products 

Course Description:
Dive into our comprehensive, hands-on workshop on Pool Salt System Installation, Programming, and Repair. This immersive, practical course is designed to give attendees a deep understanding of how to install, program, and repair pool salt systems. 

This intensive workshop focuses on teaching attendees the intricate details of pool salt systems through interactive training. The workshop consists of detailed modules, each dedicated to a key aspect of the
pool salt system. You will start off with an overview of the systems, followed by a deep dive into installation and programming procedures and then dive into troubleshooting, diagnosis, and repair techniques.

Guided by seasoned professionals, participants will learn by doing—installing, programming, and repairing actual pool salt systems in a controlled environment. The class sizes are controlled to ensure personalized attention and an interactive learning experience.

Key Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand the underlying principles of how pool salt systems function.
  • Develop the skills to install new pool salt systems effectively and efficiently.
  • Learn to program pool salt systems according to specific pool requirements.
  • Enhance troubleshooting skills to diagnose issues accurately and swiftly. 
  • Gain hands-on experience in repairing common faults in pool salt systems.

Who Should Attend:
This workshop is perfect for pool maintenance professionals and technicians interested in expanding their knowledge in pool salt systems. Prior experience in basic pool maintenance will be helpful but is not a prerequisite, as the course will cover all essential aspects from the ground up.

What to Bring:
We will provide all the necessary tools and equipment for the hands-on sessions. Participants are only required to bring their protective clothing and an eagerness to learn.  

Join us for this hands-on experience and take your skills to the next level!

Instructor: Brad Duncan, Raypak 

Course Description:
Dive into the practical world of pool heater maintenance with our comprehensive "Hands-On Pool Heater Installation and Repair Workshop." In addition to classroom style demonstration, our course emphasizes an immersive, hands-on approach that allows participants to experience real-world scenarios. 

The course is specially designed to instill a deep understanding of the core mechanics, technical components, and safety standards involved in pool heater management. From the initial installation through eventual repair procedures, participants will be guided through each process in a structured, step-by-step format. 

Key Learning Points: 

  • Understanding of gas pool heaters, their unique characteristics, and specific handling techniques.
  • Hands-on experience in installing and repairing gas pool heaters under the expert guidance of industry veterans.
  • Acquiring an understanding of safety standards, preventive measures, and regulatory codes pertaining to pool heater maintenance. 
  • Learning to diagnose and troubleshoot common pool heater issues effectively and efficiently.
  • Developing robust problem-solving skills, practical knowledge application, and confidence in handling real-life situations.

This workshop is perfect for pool maintenance professionals and technicians wanting to expand their knowledge and skills. This immersive, hands-on workshop provides the practical knowledge and experience you need to safely install, program, and repair pool heaters. 

Please note that no prior experience is required. Our expert instructors will adapt their teaching style to cater to both novices and more experienced participants.Prepare yourself for an exciting journey into the world of pool heater management with this unique hands-on experience!

Monday, November 13 - Classroom Education


Instructor: Terry Arko, HASA

Course Overview: Get ready to dive deep into the world of pool water chemistry in Pool Nation Boot Camp’s fundamental course, Water Chemistry 101. This specialized class, specifically designed for pool professionals, is led by the experienced and knowledgeable Terry Arko, an industry veteran with a wealth of expertise in pool water chemistry. 

Water Chemistry 101 will empower you to master the essential aspects of water chemistry to ensure a safe, sanitary, and crystal-clear swimming  environment for all pool users. You will grasp the critical components of maintaining balanced water chemistry in swimming pools, including pH, alkalinity, hardness, and the role of sanitizers.

Under Terry's guidance, you will not only learn the theoretical basis of water chemistry but also gain practical insights from his extensive professional experience. He will break down common misconceptions, debunk myths, and deliver key practical tips.

Course modules will include:

Understanding Water Chemistry: Comprehend the basics, importance, and application of water chemistry in the context of pool maintenance.

Chemical Balance: Learn the importance of balanced water, including pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness, CYA and more. 

Sanitization and Shock Treatments: Learn about different types of sanitizers, how to use them effectively, and when and how to perform shock treatments.

Problem-Solving and Troubleshooting: Gain exposure to real-life scenarios, common water problems, and effective strategies to troubleshoot and solve  them.

Latest Trends and Developments: Stay abreast of the latest advancements, technologies, and regulations in pool water chemistry.

Throughout the course, Terry will ensure you have the confidence to tackle any pool water chemistry issue that comes your way. And as a part of the Pool Nation Boot Camp, you'll not only receive this high-quality training but also become part of a supportive community of professionals in the swimming pool industry.

Immerse yourself in this interactive and engaging course, filled with Q&A sessions, case studies, demonstrations, and practical exercises, and take your pool water chemistry knowledge to new depths.

Instructor: David Jones, Hayward Pool Products

Course Description:
In the Managing Salt Pools class, pool professionals will explore the comprehensive knowledge and practical skills required for the optimal operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of salt system pools.

This intensive course is specifically tailored for the pool industry professionals who want to delve deeper into the salt system technology that is increasingly popular in the swimming pool industry. It's an essential part of the Pool Nation Boot Camp, focusing on enhancing the proficiency of pool pros, empowering them to offer high-level service and establish themselves as saltwater system specialists.

What You Will Learn: 

  • Saltwater System Basics: Introduction to the working of saltwater systems, including the science of saltwater chlorination and understanding salinity.
  • Advanced Equipment Knowledge: Detailed exploration of salt chlorinators, salt cells, and other saltwater-specific equipment, with an emphasis on installation, operation, and maintenance procedures.
  • Water Chemistry Management: Understanding the balance of chemicals in a saltwater pool, the importance of stabilizers, pH, alkalinity, and techniques for maintaining ideal levels.
  • Troubleshooting & Repair: Learn to diagnose common issues in saltwater systems, their causes, and how to rectify them. This also includes preventative measures to avoid common problems.
  • Salt System Conversion: Guide to converting traditional chlorine pools to saltwater systems and the cost-benefit analysis associated with this transition. 
  • Customer Education: Learn to communicate effectively with customers about the benefits, costs, and maintenance of saltwater systems.  

Who Should Attend:
This course is aimed at pool professionals such as pool service technicians, pool builders, and pool maintenance specialists who want to broaden their expertise and stay current with the latest industry standards and technology. A basic understanding of swimming pool operation and maintenance is required. 

By the end of this Saltwater System Management class, participants will have a well-rounded and deep understanding of saltwater pool systems. They'll be well-equipped to manage and resolve any salt system-related challenge, thereby offering superior service to their customers and boosting their professional reputation in the industry.

Instructor: Steve Barnes

Course Overview:
This course, designed specifically for swimming pool industry professionals, is part of the esteemed Pool Nation Boot Camp series. It provides an in-depth understanding of ozone systems and their usage in swimming pool water treatment. The core aim is to equip pool professionals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to incorporate ozone systems into their services, enhancing their service portfolio and staying at the forefront of pool technology innovations. 

Course Outline: 

Module 1: The Science of Ozone
We begin with the basics, understanding what ozone is, how it's produced, and its properties. You'll learn about the ozone layer, its role in environmental protection, and how it can be utilized in swimming pool environments for efficient water sanitation. 

Module 2: Ozone Systems: Design and Operation
Here, we delve into the specific technologies used in ozone generation for swimming pools. We will discuss different system types, their components, and how they operate. 

Module 3: Ozone Water Treatment
This module explores the application of ozone in swimming pool water treatment. We'll explain the benefits, the procedure, and the precautions of using ozone. You'll learn about the ozone reaction process, disinfection, oxidation, and how it improves water clarity and quality. 

Module 4: Safety and Maintenance
Learn about the safety considerations when handling ozone and how to perform routine maintenance on ozone systems to ensure their longevity and efficient operation. We'll also discuss troubleshooting common issues and provide practical solutions. 

Module 5: Business Implications of Ozone Systems
The final module focuses on the business aspect, exploring how adding ozone systems to your services can potentially impact your business. We'll discuss market trends, cost implications, customer education, and marketing strategies around ozone systems.

Who should attend:
This course is tailored for swimming pool professionals including pool technicians, service providers, builders, installers, and contractors who are looking to enhance their knowledge and services in the area of pool sanitation and to keep up with the latest industry trends.

Upon successful completion of the course, attendees will receive a link to a quiz where they can receive a certificate of completion, validating their knowledge of ozone systems in the swimming pool industry. This certification could be a significant addition to their professional qualifications, giving them a competitive edge in the market.

Instructor: Alicia Stephens, Biolab

Course Description:
This comprehensive class is an integral part of the Pool Nation Boot Camp. It is specifically designed for pool professionals eager to enhance their understanding of pool water chemistry, ensuring they stay ahead in the highly competitive swimming pool industry. 

The course takes a deep dive into advanced topics of water chemistry, and introduces the latest innovations, best practices, and research in the field. This class provides both theoretical knowledge and practical
application techniques, using real-world scenarios to assist in better understanding and solving complex water chemistry problems. 

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the fundamental principles of water chemistry and their application in pool management. 
  • Learn about cutting-edge research and new advancements in the field of pool water chemistry. 
  • Recognize, diagnose, and address common and complex water balance problems. 
  • Master advanced sanitization and filtration techniques. 
  • Gain experience in the latest technology for efficient pool water management.
  • Comprehend the environmental impacts and sustainability considerations of various pool water chemistry options.
  • Learn about the regulatory requirements, safety standards and guidelines relevant to pool water chemistry.

Who Should Attend:
This class is aimed at pool professionals, including pool builders, service technicians, maintenance personnel, operators, and managers who are keen to elevate their skills and knowledge in pool water chemistry. Prior knowledge of basic water chemistry and swimming pool operations is highly recommended.

After completing this course, participants will be equipped with the advanced skills and knowledge necessary to manage and troubleshoot a broad range of water chemistry issues, enabling them to provide superior service and improve pool safety and quality. Furthermore, the class will prepare them to effectively respond to emerging challenges and changes in the industry. 

Take your pool professional skills to the next level with the "Next-Level Water Chemistry for Pool Professionals" course and stand out in the swimming pool industry.

Instructor: Jamie Novak, BioLab, Inc.

Pool Nation Boot Camp proudly presents a comprehensive class dedicated to the topic of specialty chemicals for pool and spa water care, with a focus on enzymes, water clarifiers, and phosphate removal. Designed with pool professionals in mind, this course offers valuable insights into best practices to implement that make pool care easier than ever before. This session goes beyond basic water care knowledge, with real-world examples of specialty technologies in action.  

Class Description:
As a pool pro, your knowledge and expertise can make the difference between a pristine, inviting pool and one plagued by recurring problems. In this class, you'll discover what enzymes are and how they are helpful to pool and spa ownership. We’ll discuss what phosphates are, their impact, and how they can be removed from pool water.

You'll learn about:

  • The Impact of Circulation, Filtration, and Proper Water Chemistry-while sometimes overlooked, it is important that these factors are considered and in line to achieve the most optimum state possible for pool
    water clarity.
  • Introduction to Specialty Technologies:  the old way of doing things works, but why not work more efficiently?  In this session, we will discuss the following specialty chemical categories:
  • Water Clarifiers:  We will discuss the difference between two main types of water clarification used in the pool industry, when to use each, and how they can impact pool water.
  • Enzyme Basics: Understand the role and importance of enzymes in pool water, and how they can improve the pool maintenance experience. 
  • Phosphate Fundamentals: Learn what phosphates are, how they enter and build up in pool water, and best practices for removal in the pools you manage.
  • Advanced Treatment Methods: Learn about the latest technologies and products for controlling enzymes and phosphate levels, including pool-specific enzymatic products and phosphate removers.
  • Troubleshooting and Solutions: See real-world examples of specialty technologies in action so you know what to expect in the field.

Who this class is for:
This course is designed for pool professionals - pool service technicians, pool maintenance experts, pool builders, and pool shop owners who are looking to expand their knowledge and stay up-to-date on best practices being used in the industry. Whether you are a veteran pool pro or a budding new professional, you'll walk away with practical knowledge you can apply in your day-to-day pool management tasks.

What You Will Gain:
 By the end of this course, you will understand why specialty technologies can make a huge difference in your pool care program. You’ll be able to confidently assess problem pools to identify the best solution, and you’ll add tools to your pool care arsenal that will separate you from the competition. This knowledge will give you an edge in the pool industry, ensuring your ability to maintain the highest standards of pool  are and satisfaction for your clients.


How to register: In registration, check under "Speciality Education," then select the
Pool Nation Boot Camp.