Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge

The clients and their long list of requirements are fictitious but the site (and the contest) are real. Designers could enter the contest and design the ultimate outdoor oasis with a million-dollar budget.

Congratulations to Alex Tyler of Alchemy Exteriors, the winner of this year's Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge!

Five finalists, including one student, were selected to receive a trip to the PSP Expo where their renderings were presented to their peers. Voting was held live during the presentation and the winning designer received a $5,000 cash prize.

The five finalists for this year's Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge were: 

  • Alex Tyler, Alchemy Exteriors
  • Carol Kahn, Carol Kahn Exterior Designs
  • Lee Kind, Creative Poolscapes
  • Tanr Ross, Poolscapes
  • Anuhya Konda, University of Oklahoma (Student Finalist)

The Scenario

This year's clients are a young couple living in a rustic, industrial home in Lake Tahoe. He's an art dealer and she's an enginner, and they are looking to design an outdoor oasis for their extended family and friends and carry through elements that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They have two large dogs, four young nieces and nephews and a wide circle of friends they plan on entertaining regularly. Check out the video below for their full design checklist. 

Reid Schindler, one of the industry's up and coming award winning designers and Mike Farley, 30+ years designing award winning pools, teamed up with the International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo in New Orleans this fall to see who the industry's top designers are.  Will the new technology wave of the millennial generation overcome the tried and true methods of the baby boomers or will it be a combination of the two that sways the judges in their decision?

Join in on the fun with us to see! A panel will be picking 5 finalists (1 student finalist) to send to New Orleans for the PSP Expo this fall.  All finalists' presentations as well as Mike and Reid's solutions will be presented on November 6th, at "The Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge" Conference Program Session at 9:15am.  Come see the results, learn the techniques that are catching the judges' eyes, see where you rank as a designer and then cast your vote to see who will be named the 2019 PSP Expo's TOP DESIGNER.  Join us in New Orleans.We can't wait to see you there!

New for 2019 - 3 Categories - Individual - Student - Team/Company*​​

New for 2019 - What We Need From You​:

  • Scaled 2d plan, rendered with media of choice.  
  • At least 1 form of a perspective rendering. **    
  • At maximum, 5 supporting graphics rendered with media of choice.  *** 
  • A short paragraph detailing your design process and/or explanations of solution details.​

Optional Items for Consideration: 

  • A two minute maximum video (.mp4 or .mov format) flythrough. 
  • 3d physical model or other unique presentation support.

*Limited to 4 Individuals or Teammates
**Entries will not be judged on amount of renderings, but quality of workmanship​   and effective/unique design usage for the clients wishes.​ 
***The Designer & Company will remain anonymous to the judges until the initial judging process is completed.  Please do not have names your plans or perspective renderings.  Design & videos will be co-property of “The Million Dollar Pool Challenge” once submitted and can be distributed to electronic and print outlets.  Owner of design can also distribute design materials.​

Each Category's Top Project Automatically Earns A Spot In The Top 5 - Individual - Student - Team
The Other 2 Spots Are Open & Will Go To Next Highest Rated Projects, Regardless of Category.​

The judges panel will consist of 6 "industry experts" using a point based system using the following criteria:​           

1. Aesthetic Quality - Is the concept’s form pleasant to look at?           
2. Differentiation - Is the concept "fresh" & unique?  How does the individual integrate the Dolphin Waterslide & Ledge Lounger Product Line?  ​            3. Functionality -Does the concept meet the criteria of the families needs?  Does it consider all elements site analysis?                      
4. Realization Possibility - Is the concept buildable if the client decided to move forward with construction? ie. topographically, features, function​

The Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge Finalists Receives:​

  • Airfare (up to $350)
  • $150 stipend
  • 2 hotel room nights (booked by show management)
  • Complimentary Super Pass 

The Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge Winner Receives:​

  • $5000 CASH PRIZE
  • Airfare (up to $350)
  • $150 stipend
  • 2 hotel room nights (booked by show management)
  • Complimentary Super Pass 
  • Customized Trophy
  • Invitation to sit on judges panel in the following year​

The winner can be voted on by the attendees of the design class hosted by Mike & Reid at the International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo in New Orleans.  After video presentations of the 5 finalist's designs, the class will be vote via ballot on the TOP DESIGNER & will be named at the end of the class session.  This vote will serve as a strong influence used by the judges panel to ultimately select the winner.​

In an effort to bring the pool industry directly into university and high school classrooms, The Million Dollar Design Challenge has partnered with the APSP WAVE Network to sponsor a student only design award.  Students will be entered within the general competition and will be eligible to win multiple spots in the design competition, however one will be named as the award winning finalist. 

The selected finalist's design work will be presented at the International Pool|Spa|Patio Expo 2019 along with the other finalists.

Students may work as an individual or do it as a group project.  If you choose to enter it as a group project, you must submit it under one student name and he/she will list the others in the group.  The named student will be the presenter at the class & will receive any awards and/or airfare & tickets to the show.  The whole group may be in the video presentation.

See the Contest Entry Rules for submitting files and to receive contest scenario.   

The student design will be included in the class vote for the "Top Designer" award along with the other finalists. 

PHTA WAVE Young Professionals Category Winner will receive:

  • Up to $400 credit for airfare
  • Free 2019 Conference Super-pass for International Pool|Spa|Patio Expo in New Orleans 
  • 2 night hotel stay (November 5th - November 7th)
  • $150 per diem
  • Design presented in "Million Dollar Pool Challenge" for class
  • Exposure in leading industry print & digital forms

Special Thanks

The International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo extends its thanks to design challenge creators, Mike Farley and Reid Schindler.
Reid Schindler, SchindlerDesignCo.

Reid Schindler, SchindlerDesignCo.

Mike Farley, Farley Designs

Mike Farley, Farley Designs

Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge

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