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Welcome to Dallas

PSP/Deck Expo Invites You to Dallas!

Gleaming downtown skyscrapers, cranes towering over Uptown condo developments and shiny cars pulling up for valet parking – upscale Dallas is certainly not the Texas of pickup trucks and cowboy boots.

You can find world-class museums and restaurants, funky neighborhoods, swanky shopping malls, gritty bars and a vibrant music scene. And the nearly year-round warm weather makes it ideal for getting work done in a cafe patio or getting your heart rate racing out on a running trail. 

Check out the guides below, and thanks to VisitDallas for the info!


Taste the unique culture of Dallas firsthand, with incredible dining options spread throughout the city. Sample the finest in chef-driven cuisine – from internationally-inspired dishes like Laotian boat noodles, ceviche, and sashimi, to Texan mainstays like tacos, steak, and barbecue.

Family Activities

Bringing your family for the trip? That's great! Stay the weekend and enjoy the city.

From outdoor adventures to bigger-than-life experiences, just make sure you bring your comfy shoes for your family weekend in Dallas. 


There's something for everyone in Dallas. In the evening, enjoy a variety of spots to sip, savor, and people-watch. From rooftop bars with great views, to intimate lounges, you're sure to discover something that is just right for you - and your clients.


Brush up on your golf swing or improve your handicap while you're in town. 

With more than 200 courses of varied levels of play, Dallas has plenty to offer the golf enthusiast. Start with some of the most popular public golf courses in Dallas, each offering a convenient location and budget-friendly amenities.

The Margarita Mile

Dallas has staked its claim as the Official Home of the Frozen Margarita!

From classic recipes to hand-crafted unique creations, there is no bottle of tequila unturned in search for the most sought-after margaritas in Dallas.

Looking for more?

There is so much to discover. You really can do it all in Dallas. Check out additional guides from VisitDallas to explore the best in shopping, museums, patios, brunch spots and more.