Sponsorship Opportunities

Did you know that 3 out of 4 tradeshow attendees arrive with a game plan of who they plan to see? Sponsorships are a great way to get noticed by the right buyers and added to the list of these attendees.

Browse our offerings to find the one that's right for you.

Sponsored Webinar

Six opportunities – $6,000 each

Position your own session alongside our editorial content. An extremely effective way to generate leads and interest

  • Positioning of your webinar in the overall event schedule
  • Available to all attendees on-demand throughout the entire event, and 30 days post-event
  • Benefit from PSP/DeckExpo Virtual Edition marketing campaign aimed at attracting highly-qualified builders, service techs and retailers from across the industry
  • Attendee data on all that attend your session
  • Personalized engagement report

Power Panels (One each day)

Builder/Retail/Service Provider – $4,000 each

Align your brand to thought leadership and moving the industry forward.

  • Branding within Power Panel Session environment
  • Attendee data on those who attend
  • Sponsor recognition on all marketing campaigns promoting the Power Panel
  • 15-second promotional video at the beginning of the session
  • Personalized engagement report

Marquee Booth

12 opportunities – $3,000 each

Upgrade your booth appearance!

Have a ton of content and videos? Snag one of 12 available Marquee Booths to position your assets front and center.

Education Sessions

10 opportunities – $2,000 each

Feature your brand alongside our best-in-class content

  • Ownership of own session tile
  • Ability to include up to four pre-produced assets within owned tile
  • 15-second promotional video at the beginning of the session
  • Personalized engagement report

Registration Sponsor

Exclusive! One Opportunity - $20,000

With a massive marketing/communications plan to attract thousands of qualified attendees, the registrationform is destined to be busy. This is your opportunity to stand out and receive exclusive exposure during the entire enrollment process. 

  • Position your brand exclusively on every page of the attendee registration form (non-hyperlinked)
  • Exclusive banner on the registration confirmation page, with a hyperlink to the webpage of your choice
  • Exclusive branding on confirmation email sent to each attendee ahead of the event, including a hyperlink to the webpage of your choice
  • One exclusive custom targeted email to the entire registration file post-show (deployed by Show Management)
  • Personalized engagement report post-event

Exhibitor and Sponsor Resources

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